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Should you take an online skills class?

March 27, 2016

As technology grows so will the need for us to learn new skills. I know that I am not going back to school to rack up thousands of dollars in student loans to learn a new skill. With youtube having everything you will ever need is there a need to pay to take an online class? Let’s explore….

should people take online classes

As I mentioned above youtube has great tutorials but does youtube have everything? The short answer is no. While you can find some things on youtube you can’t find everything. People will give you bits and pieces leaving key elements out all the time. For example, I had someone recently who tried to go to youtube to learn wordpress. She was lost because while they had tutorials they didn’t have a lot of basic knowledge that you would need before you tackle things on your site. Trust me if everything was on youtube to teach you all about wordpress that would put myself and countless others out of business. Starting with a question and searching it on youtube is great though and you will find a lot of useful videos to help you get started. Remember if you like what someone is saying on youtube then favorite their channel so that you can get other great useful answers to other questions that may come up. Here is one of my favorite subscriptions on youtube to learn all about photoshop 

If you must invest in an online skills class ask around to see which class would be the best class. The best place to start is your network. Since I know quite a few bloggers I would ask around to see if certain classes are worth my time and normally if a blogger that I know and trusts recommends a class then I know it will be packed full of info. A class that was recommended to me by a blogger buddy was one from Elle and Company on illustrator. I am not a fan of illustrator and find that to be one of the most difficult things to learn but I know I can trust this class from the feedback that I have gotten from others. This is a class that I am seriously considering.

Online classes are just classes. Just because you take a class doesn’t mean you will come out and be superman on that particular skill. Classes won’t determine how well you succeed only you can do that. Below are a few online skill classes that I recommend you take a look at. I have taken classes from these particular sites personally.

Creative Live – My favorite site for photography classes. I have taken a class on marketing to clients, taking street photography, and even a class on wedding photography…I will never do wedding photography but I do small parties and get togethers so this class was helpful.  They offer loads of free classes and if you missed it or could not attend you can always pay for it. I miss a lot of the free classes because its during my nap time…..*side eye* Yes I nap around here #dontjudgeme

SkillShare – Skillshare is good but it’s not great. I was able to score a free trial for Skillshare for about 6 months and while some of the classes are decent I felt that I was watching tutorials that were a step above youtube…so in other words a more well rounded youtube is what SkillShare is all about. Try them for free for yourself and browse around. There was one class that I took on there that I loved but she hasn’t had a new class up in a while. For the price it’s worth it because at least you won’t get a lot of different links to questions whereas on youtube if you ask how to change the background you get hundreds of videos.

Udemy – My hubs has taken about 5 classes from this site. He gets bored pretty easily so for him to take a class…it must be interesting. I have taken one class from this and I was pretty pleased about the quality and what I learned. I actually learned some new things so that was good. They are a bit expensive.

I learn by doing personally so classes are a hit or miss. I actually do better when I mess up and play around with tools on my own. Should you invest in an online class? Yes, if you are wanting to have certain skills.  If you have ever taken an online class tell us in the comment section below so we can check it out.


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