Many of us know about smaller businesses and most likely have friends and family who own a small business. Sadly, though, many small businesses go under because those in their community decide to settle for bigger commercial stores. Yes, I agree, it can be easier to hit up the commercial stores, however, it’s not difficult to avoid them here and there. Go to your local/small businesses first and see if they have the item you’re needing, if not, that’s when you go to the bigger store. Supporting small businesses is extremely important to not only you but your community.

Did you know that when you shop locally at smaller businesses that around $68 out of every $100 that is spent, is recycled back into your community? Only $43 out of every $100 that is spent at commercial stores is kept or recycled back into the city it is located in. In other words, you’re enriching your city and community by keeping the money local. The majority of small business owners like to support other small business owners in the area which means, if you support one, you’re supporting them all. This allows a strong bond to be built within the community which many experts say is the type of community that is safest to live in. Further, the local and small businesses are the ones who more often support local schools and events. For example, if a school is doing a fundraiser and needs sponsors, who do they go to? Small businesses. Small businesses make up the backbone of the community and often without them, many people don’t even give a second glance to the city because it looks rundown and lifeless.

Locally owned stores and businesses, if supported, offer more jobs to the community. Not to mention, their pay rate is statistically more than that of commercially owned stores because they have more control of what gets paid where. If your teenager is going out for a job would you rather them work for a friend of yours at their business where they can get hands-on training in any given area or go work at a fast food chain? A child’s first job truly makes a difference in their life.

The thing that truly gets me the most is that I’m buying an item from somebody I most likely know or trust. Even if I don’t know them personally, I know that if I have an issue with my item, I can go to them right there in my own town and get it fixed or taken care of. I have noticed how much people take pride in their work and with commercial stores, it’s not quite the same personalization.

Overall, shopping local and small business is causing a wonderful train reaction in your community that truly allows your city to thrive. Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving every single year, this year it falls on November 26th. If you don’t ever shop any other time at small businesses, use this nation-wide holiday and make a note to try then. You honestly will be glad you did.

Shop Local, Shop Small

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