It’s hard to pick the right name for your brand. Do you use your name, a name you had for your first born daughter (but had sons instead) do you use a family members name, do you use a word or a phrase, etc? It’s tough to pick out jut the right name. I myself had a magazine called Kokoa Magazine while I knew what Kokoa meant and it was pretty to me a lot of people had a problem pronouncing it (it’s ko ko ah not cocoa) and people didn’t know the meaning. Kokoa in Japenese means of the mind, body and spirit. My magazine was about the real life and how I wanted to embody the mind of how people think when they don’t have a lot. Of course no one would have known that unless I told them so when you pick out a business name you have to be careful on how you name it and the first impressions people may have if it. Here are some tips on how to name your business or brand.

Don’t rush into picking a name – the name will come to you. Continue to work on other aspects of your business. While you work on other aspects you will be surprised at the name that jumps out at you. Most of the time it’s a name that was there all along you just had to believe in it and stick to it.

Think about who you are selling too – Kokoa……..I thought about me not who my audience was. Having a name that I recognized was great but my audience didn’t connect with it. When you think of a name for your blog make sure you are thinking about the overall picture not just what you like. You aren’t buying from you!

Have a short name – Something that makes an impact but short and sweet. Dell is short and sweet. Uber….short and sweet. One word is better although it may be harder to get the URL for it. Try not to go past 3 words all together.

SEO is important – Don’t choose a common term name because if everyone else uses that name guess how far you will be down on the Google search. If you have a common last name you many not want to use it when picking a name for your business.

Ask your network for help – I love to ask others how they feel about a name. It helps to ask opinions but be careful of who you ask. If you ask your cousins and you know they don’t even know what a blog is you may be asking the wrong person. Ask people who fit your target audience for their opinions. Focus groups on FB are great too but don’t ask to many people I say ask about 5 people you can trust.

Pick a name that you can grow with – so many mommy bloggers have mommy in their blog or business name that when it’s time to grow from mommy to something else…it’s kind of hard. Try to pick something that you can grow with later on and maybe build on for other ventures.

Last but not least….have a name that’s easy to spell. The name of my brand is It’s Really Kita…..the only thing you should have a problem with is the Kita. Some names are hard to spell so don’t try to be to fancy when picking a name for your brand or business.

Keep in mind that you can be as unique as you want when it comes to the logo. You can add your colors and distinctive features to that but the url/name should be easy and memorable. When picking my new brand name my coach and I came up with the name in 15 minutes……it was easy because it’s a saying my late husband use to say to me all the time. Everytime I said something he would say Really Kita….my friends say the same thing when I do crazy stuff….like really Kita…you are so crazy. I am also blunt and real so that helps. Put a little of your personality into anything that you do including your name.

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