I grew up in the early 80’s. My mother was very very strict. Basically I got my ass whipped. I remember talking back to my mom quite a few times and one time got back hand slapped. Now I know many parents of today would call that child abuse or whatever but back then that is how I was raised. My mom had belts, shoes, and I had to go outside to get some sticks off a tree many times. I wasn’t a bad child I was just very smart on my mouth and told people off from a young age including teachers. My mom constantly stayed at the school because I cussed out a teacher. I stopped getting my butt beat at around the age of 12. My mom started to hand out punishments…which for me meant not taking me to the library. We only had one tv and my mom didn’t have cable so TV wasn’t what was important to me. She took away things that I loved which today…..seems to be the new way to parent. My mom was fair but she was strict. I feared her and I think that’s part of the problem these days….these kids don’t fear authority. I may have cussed out teachers but I was scared as hell of my mom. Welcome to the new generation of parents…its different…. and while I don’t back hand slap my children I still take some of those pass punishments and apply them today.

Parenting Lesson 1 – I am not your friend. I don’t know why some parents think that they can be friends with their kids. I am and will always be your parent. Now as you get to be an adult we can have adult conversations but yeah….at the end of the day I am not up for being one of your friends. I am up for telling you the truth about yourself and telling you what I have been through. It’s up to you to learn the ways of the world after I have taught you what I know. I am not your friend.

Parenting Lesson 2 – Electronics is the new punishment. These days you don’t have to spank your kids or send them to time out. Just change the password or take their electronics away. That’s punishment enough. These kids will cry something awful if you take away their phone. My son was acting up last week so I took away his xbox you would have thought I was killing him the way he wailed and cried and fell out. He is almost 10…and he was acting like he lost his damn mind. So I took the xbox away for 2 weeks I am not the one.

Parenting Lesson 3 – Stranger danger is online. No longer do we have to worry about people grabbing our kids off of street corners….people are grabbing them right online and the kids are giving away their info. No longer do kidnappers have to find out things the kids willingly give up info. My son plays his xbox with strangers online. When we moved he told someone that we moved 10 minutes up the street. I had to go in that room and reprimand him. Don’t tell people where we live. I explained this to him many times but I guess it went out one ear and into the other. They think it’s innocent but I don’t think it is. I don’t know these people and neither do you. We have to be extra careful in this new generation of raising kids because online is a beast. Bullying is now done online too by adults and kids..but that’s a topic for another day.

I am not a new age parent or a parent that goes by the book. I am kind of like that child I mentioned above the rude one who did my own thing. I never followed the rules of parenting.

  • Breastfeeding is what everyone said you should do…I did it for one child didn’t do it for the other …..so what.
  • When you have new babies everyone is suppose to wash their hands and stuff……chile please get this child cause I am tired…they will get germs anyway might as well start early
  • Time out…..I never did time out….never tried it to have an opinion one way or the other.
  • Yes I popped my kids when they were little but I liked pinching better seem to get the job done more effectively especially in the store
  • What’s the rule for putting kids on their stomach vs. their back? I don’t even know…none of my kids slept on their back so in order to get rest I had to put them on their stomach. I prayed and kept it moving!
  • My kids slept in the bed with me because again….I had to get rest. I didn’t even buy a crib for the second child why bother. I ended up just putting hubs out of the bed and the baby and I took over. I am a light sleeper so if you sleep hard maybe that might not be a good idea

However your raise your kids is your business. Of course we are in the new age of parenting where everyone has an opinion about how to raise your kids. Whose the parent? You are…..do what you want as long as you aren’t harming the child in any way raise your kids how you see fit. None of these rules are right or wrong it’s whatever fits your family.

Parenting for the new generation

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