No literally that’s what it’s called. The Dyson V6 Animal. I am not a fan of cleaning….but if I had to choose between the toilet and vacuuming…the vacuum wins. Since I just bought a new home the first thing I needed was a vacuum. I have an older model Dyson DC14 that works wonders but now that I have an upstairs and downstairs I need something that I can carry around the entire house with me without having to lug something big up and down the stairs.

When the package first arrived I said to myself nooooooo I can’t put this together. I am so not a put it together type person I will pay someone to put stuff together for me. I looked at the directions and found it was pretty easy. So here we go……..

First let’s do some reading on the history of Dyson

story of dyson

James Dyson encountered a number of problems with the conventional wheelbarrow he was using while renovating his property. He found that the wheel sank into the mud, was unstable and was prone to punctures; the steel body caused damage to paint work and became covered with dried cement. These problems got Dyson thinking about improvements, and by 1974 Dyson had a fibreglass prototype of a barrow with a ball instead of a wheel. The Ballbarrow was born.

Later that year Dyson bought a Hoover Junior vacuum cleaner. The Hoover became clogged quickly and lost suction over time. Frustrated, Dyson emptied the bag to try to restore the suction but this had no effect. On opening the bag to investigate, he noticed a layer of dust inside, clogging the fine material mesh and preventing the machine working properly. The machine only worked well with a fresh bag, it lost suction over time. He resolved to develop a better vacuum cleaner that worked more efficiently.

dyson v6 animal

What I love about Dyson

  • It holds up for years. I bought mine in 2005 and I never had to replace it nor any parts.
  • I have used vacuums that have had bags and I am so glad that Dyson doesn’t have any
  • It’s suction is powerful it will pick up things that other vacuums seem to miss

Now I know the Dyson’s are expensive…trust me I am weary of high priced items myself but….when you want something that will last you have to pay the big bucks. There is no use trying to buy a cheaper vacuum only to have to replace it within a yr or two and then by the time you look you have spent what the Dyson cost….you could have paid one time and not have to worry about it anymore.

IMG_9966 IMG_9974 dyson

My kids and I tested it out and it was kid approved. I am so happy because I just gave my son extra work…and he gets to use the vacuum

If you are looking for a great gift to give for mothers day…this is it. Retail will start at $399. You can buy it from Amazon or from where it’s actually on sale until May 7th. Need a few reasons to buy?

  • It has a lot of components so you can vacuum just about anywhere
  • It’s lightweight so my almost 10 year old can use it to clean my car
  • it cleans your stairs effortlessly
  • it hooks up to the wall so you can charge it easily
  • no bags so you don’t have to buy extra stuff
  • it’s a beast…as my kids call it
  • it cleans my wood floors



I received this vacuum in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own!

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