Yeah it’s true! My son and I are fat. I like to make sure I call a thing a thing. I don’t sugarcoat anything and it’s time to get real. I am 5’2 and I weigh over 200lbs that’s not good for my height at all. My son is short and in the 5th grade and wears a 14 husky. So how did we get like this? Well for me I got fat when I lost my mother see I was never a big girl I was always under 120lbs but when life happens….it happens. I gained a lot of weight and I have not been able to get it off. My son doesn’t get out and exercise because he has severe allergies so his outside play is limited. I still try to get him to walk up and down the stairs and move more but it’s not the same when we don’t go outside and physically move. Do I want to lose the weight? Yes but not all of if…I actually like being a bit thick so my goal is to get down to 150lbs. My son needs to lose about 20lbs so we are on a mission. If you follow me on snapchat (@reallykita) I try to keep up with my weight loss journey on there.

There are many cases to obesity so let’s discuss 5 of them

Diet – I actually use to cook……that is until my husband died and I have the kids in everything under the sun. I think it’s because I want to make sure I keep them as busy as possible so that they don’t sit and think. See that’s what happened to me…I sat and sat and then ate and ate didn’t move around and involve myself into anything. So the weight piled on. As soon as the hubs died I enrolled my son into boxing, my daughter into swim, and a whole host of other stuff. I don’t have time to cook a good meal as I also run my own business so we eat out a lot…I think I may have cooked 5 times the entire summer…….yeah it’s bad. We have to do better! I don’t buy soda in the house so thats a good thing but I do need to make sure we are doing small things for our diet. My son can no longer have seconds, he has to cut his juice in half with water, and no dessert but on Sundays. After school he has to have a healthy snack or nothing at all.

Genes – So my mother was never fat as a matter of fact no one is my family is fat. So when I went home and people looked at me the first thing they said was my gawd you are fat as hell. Now my hubs family….they are fat…yeah it’s a huge problem…no pun intended. I do not think fat runs in your genes I think fat runs into …your family cooks a certain way and you eat it then you cook the same way and feed your family and so on and so forth. It’s not a gene thing its a culture thing. If you grow up eating hammock and collard greens on a daily then you will cook that and it will be passed down so the “genes” of fat is being passed down through the cooking. Change the way you eat and cook and the gene stops there

Sleep – I am a night owl….I can’t sleep at night. I have tried but it’s not happening. I usually go to bed at 4 in the mornings and now that school is back in session I gotta get up at 5:30 to get kids up and out with breakfast, grooming, and I have to drive them to school. So I sleep in the mornings while they are in school. When I come back I crash until time to pick them up and that is the best rest that I get. I have no idea why my body is so use to that but it is. I can’t function until after 12pm on any day. Sleep is a huge factor in how weight is gained. If you aren’t’ getting rest you tend to eat more which leads to more weight gain.

No movement – So as I said the biggest thing for my son and I is we don’t move. See I am a social media manager for various companies and I sit behind my computer on a daily basis and I don’t move. My son who has allergies can’t go outside as often as we would like so he doesn’t ride bikes or play any sports. Now he does do boxing and he swims but that’s about it. Both of those activities are indoors and both are physical but he still hasn’t lost any weight. For me I am trying to walk and do more steps per day. I would like a personal trainer but some of them look like they kill your ass so I am going to opt to take it slow and start off walking. I manage to get in a 3 mile walk 3 times a week and that has been good. Yes I bring my son along with me and it’s reeked havoc on his allergies but oh well we combat with his meds (which I try not to use so much because those things are costly and I don’t want to run out) If I can’t get outside we walk up and down our stairs for 5 minutes.

Bad habits – I have a bad habit of drinking sweet tea or snacking at my computer often. I have to kick this bad habit. My son has a bad habit of going back for seconds……….these are things that we need to stop. Going to the grocery store hungry….has to stop. Ordering the highest calorie food…has to stop. We are working on it as we speak and hope to have better habits by the end of the year.

So are you on the big side? How do you manage to lose weight? I know diets are huge I have tried weight watchers but I didn’t last long. I am not into the fad diets I am more into moving slowly and keeping the weigh off. More water, less grains, no sodas, less sweets.

My son and I are fat as hell

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