If you own a home or live in certain communities then you will know what HOA stands for. If you don’t it stand for Home Owners Association. An HOA is the governing body of the development or complex, usually comprising homeowners who have volunteered to serve on the HOA board. Basically it’s the po po of where you live and the person who polices your community. I had to pay them my first fee a few weeks ago……

Back Story

So I just moved into a brand new home in April. I love my home and my community but I was leery of being a part of HOA. When I moved in my grass was cut but after about a week it grew fast…really fast and I could not find anyone to come and cut my yard. I called over 23 people they either said they would be there to give me a price or that they would stop by to cut the next day. Out of 23 people only one showed up so I let him cut the yard. He was expensive too $70 bucks and my yard isn’t even that big but I was desperate so I paid it. A week later my grass was back to growing and I wasn’t feeling paying that $70 so I started calling around again….couldn’t find anyone. Then I remembered my neighbor at my old house would always cut his grass and he had a truck so I asked him to come cut mine. He could not get to me until that Saturday (I called that Wed). On Thursday I came home to not one note, not two notes but three notes and a bill for $50 saying that my grass was a problem and that I was fined for not having it cut. There was a note in my door, one on my garage, and one in my mailbox. I paid the fine and got it cut that Saturday…that next Monday I went out to buy me my own lawn equipment so that I can cut my own grass just in case I couldn’t find anyone.

Now that you know the back story….here is my problem. Yes I know my grass was in need of being cut but when other people’s grass is just as ugly as mine and they didn’t get a note…that rubs me the wrong way. Was I being picked on? Is it because I am the youngest person in my community who has a home? I don’t know what it was but I was pissed when I asked the lady 4 doors down if she received a note because her grass came to my knees.

I love HOA for the reasons that it keeps the community looking good, it pays for certain things like sidewalks, trash, upkeep of street lights, pools, etc. I don’t like them because they can be very sickening + I don’t know how I feel about someone telling me what I can and can’t do with the outside of my house. I mean I get it….some people lack common sense and will change their shutters to bright green when the rest of the community has brown ones….I get it but still. I have a love hate relationship with HOA

Here are some guidelines for dealing with HOA that may help you if you are thinking about purchasing a home with HOA. If you live in an HOA community chime in with your comments about what you love/hate about it.

  • If you don’t like being told what to do with a house that you pay the mortgage on then maybe HOA isn’t right for you. I know that we work hard to pay mortgages and sometimes we can get irritated with people telling us that we can’t put a certain flower bush in the front, or that we can’t change the light figures on our home, it can be a lot.
  • Know the rules…did you know that some HOA’s can foreclose on your property or take you to court if you don’t pay….Yeah I found that out when I had to go to court for something unrelated…people were there because they were sued by the HOA. Know what you can and can’t do to the front of your house. I changed my lights to security lights on my house….I am a badass. I wish they would come and tell me to change my lights…I won’t. I didn’t see anything written where I can’t change my lights in the book they had better not make it up as they go.
  • If you are buying a new home make sure that home owner didn’t owe HOA because you do not…I repeat…you do not want anyone else problem.
  • Ask about where the fees are gong too. My HOA is $200 a year. It’s supposed to pay for a pool…that I haven’t seen yet *side eye*

HOA is a good thing as it protects the neighborhood from looking a mess. It can also be very very irritating. The lady across from me was fined for her children yelling…she asked me if they gave me a letter. Ma’am my kids stay in the house they have severe allergies so we aren’t outside. Don’t be bringing me into your shanigans. Do you have HOA in your community? Is it worth it?

My relationship with HOA

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