My daughter is now 8 and my friend was like when are you going to talk to her about the dreaded Aunt Flo. What do you mean she is just 8….my friend said nope they start earlier these days and she needs to know what it is now. I am not ready y’all….not ready!

My period came on when I was 11 years old. I have heard that some girls get it at 9 but I have never heard of younger than that. So…I thought I would have a small talk with her for now and then maybe next year go into full detail mode. My small talk consisted of this

Me: So Zaza do you know what Aunt Flo is….the period…..the

Zaza: I know what it is. It’s that time of the month that you put on your diaper (yes she calls it a diaper)

Me: good. Do you know why I put on the diaper?

Zaza: To catch all the blood that comes out of your tummy

Me: okkkkkk and where did you hear this at

Zaza: On youtube…..if it comes that means you aren’t pregnant if it doesn’t come that means you had a oh oh

Me: Yes so you may start yours in a few years do you want me to show you how to put the pad on

Zaza: I will probably need tampons because I will be dancing won’t I? And how hard is it to put on a diaper it can’t be that hard if I know how to get on the computer I can put it on

Me: It’s not a diaper….

Zaza: It’s looks like one without the back part, you will probably need the back part ones when you are old and gray

Me: ………………………….no comment. I am glad we had this talk.

Zaza: Me to mom now when will we talk about all the boys that I like

As you can see my daughter watches way to much tv and way to much youtube. She also likes way to many boys….we gonna have that talk but I am trying to formulate a response without cuss words in it so give me a min

My daughter is growing up and she is into all the girly girl stuff. Some of the things she is into isn’t good for her skin because she is still a child. I am learning what works for her skin and what doesn’t work. Some of the things she buys from bath and body works seem to be harsh on her skin and I have to be careful about what I buy. I am so thankful for products that are just for kids. She can now lotion up herself with products that are specific for her age range.

As she gets older I want her to use things appropriate for her age. She wears makeup but only when she has a recital. She wants to get color in her hair….the answer is no. Not until she is 16. Sometimes these kids grow up faster than they are supposed to and I want my daughter to know that real beauty comes from the inside not how you look on the outside. Who are you when all the makeup, fancy clothes, and smell goods come off? You need to be you and have things that fit your age. There will be plenty of time to be grown and trust me….it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. Enjoy your youth while you have it!

What products work wonders for your children?

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