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Blog Mission 

I simply love to tell a story. The mission of my blog is to tell the story that no one else tells.

Find different ways to inspire people, to make people laugh, to make people think, to tell

the truth, and to let people know that it’s okay to be different. I am a storyteller…I tell a

story through blogging, marketing, and photography. My story is different because of the

path that I have walked while no two people walk the same path maybe just maybe

someone who reads my blog post can relate to some aspect of what I write and can apply

it to their lives. I want people to learn from me and I want to learn from others. I have a

soft spot for small businesses it’s my 4th love….after food of course. God, Family, Food,

and then small businesses lol.

About me

Prices and Offerings

Once you have decided you want to work with me you are considered family. I will

always promote you within my community and spread the word about your brand or

product. I provide brand photography, blog posts, social media shares, marketing, and word of mouth

attention to every brand that I work with. Each price varies depending on what the brand

wants and needs from me. Please contact me for more information at

I am also available for conferences, brand ambassadorships, freelance writing, speaking

engagement, workshops, and more. I am always looking for sponsors for the site please e-mail

me for more on my sponsorship packages.

Influencer Campaigns

Sponsored blog content and shares to my channels and through word of mouth ( I run a huge non-profit and I am on the board at my kid’s school so you get an extra push.

Social media shares on It’s Really Kita

social channels (preference is only given to brands, places, and products that align with my core values)

Prices vary on projects.

Statistics for my Blog and Social Media Following

10,500 UMV

15,600 Blog Visitors

Twitter 7300

Instagram 3800

Pinterest 1500

Facebook 2400

Newsletter 620

RSS Feed 480

Age Demographics


Household Income

Below $100,000


Male 32% Female 68%

Mixed Demographics

60% African Americans

30% Caucasian

10% Hispanic

Companies I’ve worked with……

Chick Fil A

Planet Fitness







Loews Hotel

Bear Creek

Off Broadway Shoes

The Rock Ranch



The Charleston Crunch Company

Best Buy

Macaroni Kid



Pottery Barn




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