I grew up in private school. I know….shocking with the way I cuss but don’t let the cuss words and the off language fool you. I grew up on the A Beka education which use to be strong in english but not that good in math. So essentially I am great in English but when it comes to math…..I severely lack the know how and I still count with my fingers. I suck so bad in math that I can’t help my son at all when it comes to his lessons. We go hard with every subject until we get to math…..then I get ghost. With that being said I wanted to make sure my son had the foundations of great math skills so I enrolled him into the Kumon Program.

Kumon  is an after school math and reading program that helps kids learn the base of each of the subjects. If you know the base of math you can do any math. If you know the base for reading you can tackle anything when it comes to reading. I know you are asking but Kita…..why pay for this. I want him to have the best opportunity that he can have to be a better person in society. I want him to know that if he can get the basics of anything he can expand and do anything. It’s just like cooking if you can’t cook simple stuff like eggs or hot dogs….how will you learn to cook gourmet meals. It starts with the basics…..learn the basics and you can do anything. I pay over $200 a month for him to have the extra help. Kumon is not tutoring but it’s a way for kids to go back to the basics and maybe even go a few grades below to play catch up so to speak. My son took the test and although he was in the 5th grade his math skills were that of a 2nd grader and that’s not good! Let’s talk about my thoughts when I first went to the local Kumon near me

  1. The guy who owns it told us plain on the first day that he doesn’t need or want our money. That to me was a sure sign that this was a great place to be. You don’t want my money…….whaaaaa don’t most people want your money. He didn’t he said that he wants kids to learn and he wants to run a place where kids are doing what is necessary to compete in the world we live in. With technology being at the forefront kids need to learn the basics to reading and math….that in itself will have them equalling success.
  2. The teachers who teach the kids are all former teachers or current teachers – So all of the teachers who teach my son knows what the deal is. This Kumon doesn’t hire just anyone he wants people who are just that good to go beyond the classroom and teach not only what the kids need to know but more. I liked that! Taking the time to find people who go above and beyond spoke volumes to me
  3. Mr. Johnson (the guy who owns this one) not only wants the kids to succeed but he sets standards at his facility to go beyond learning. He makes sure the kids address him correctly, sit up in their seats, he checks on them regularly and he is always hovering over them. For the owner to take that much time to be there almost each and every day…..that’s something that I took into consideration.

Now here is what really concerned me……….there are kids who go to this Kumon that go to private school. Yes you heard me…..so parents not only pay private school but they also pay for Kumon. Does anyone find this odd? Why are parents having to pay extra for Kumon? My guess is because parents want their kids to be above average and the extra Kumon helps ensures that they get there. So many of the graduates of Kumon have received scholarships and high grades that I was impressed with the standards that Kumon set.

What makes Kumon different from other learning centers?

Kumon is a structured, proven self-learning program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently. The key to Kumon Programs is the individualized instruction, carefully planned by an instructor.

My son has instructions that are for him and for him only. Each child is evaluated on a one on one basis and Kumon structures lesson that help them succeed. No trying to be like other kids in the center, no trying to compete. Each child learns differently and they each need something that works for them. What works for John may not work for Henry no two kids are alike.

Regardless of academic level, your child will progress through the individualized instruction at his or her own pace – advancing step by logical step.

My child is slow when it comes to his work and that’s okay. He learns things in his own time and the instructors know this. They don’t advance until they get each step down to a T…a capital T. My son kept getting the same worksheets over and over again for the first 2 weeks (he goes to class there twice a week) and I was like OMG why do they do this. The why is because they want him to master the basic things first. They had him adding 2+ 2 or 1+5…easy stuff. Yes easy to me but to my son he was still not doing it fast enough. After two weeks of the same adding….he was able to move on. He knew the basic additions faster and I didn’t have to wait for an answer. He knew  it without using his fingers. I see why they do that…..to make sure he knows the simple stuff well.

Kumon’s disciplined, worksheet approach to learning advances your child’s abilities in the classroom and throughout life. In fact, many Kumon students are studying above grade level.

It’s to early to know if my son is beyond grade level but I will tell you this. When he first entered the 5th grade he was failing math…badly.  I had just enrolled him into Kumon probably a week after school started (school started the end July he started Kumon the first week of August). I had a conference with the teacher in mid August because he couldn’t pick up math and she was concerned. Fast Forward to report card time two weeks ago and he is passing math with a 88. From failing to an 88…that’s good enough for me. She told me personally that she didn’t know what I was doing but he is picking up math very well and she is proud of him. I am too!

Overall I am satisfied with Kumon and I am even thinking about putting his sister in next year. For me it’s money well spent! Would you put your kids in a learning facility to help with their subjects? Would you pay for extra help and private school?

Math. Reading. Success

This was not a paid review all opinions are my own! 

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