People ask me all the time where I get my ideas from for my blog… biggest secret…..Magazines. I only get the ones that fit my niche (even some that don’t can be good if you can flip it to your niche) I use magazines to find content to talk about. Magazines usually come out about two weeks or so before the new month comes in. You can use that as leverage to plan your content calendar with posts and ideas. Here is an example of how I do it…

I use one of my favorite magazines O Magazine and I see what she is talking about for the January Issue…January hasn’t come in yet so I can look through and see what topics stand out. I will take at least 3 of the topics and flip it to my voice. So the three topics I picked out of the January issue was

  • Boldly Going – Five women explore uncharted territory from New Jersey to Japan and discover something remarkable about themselves. I am going to take this topic and flip it to my own experience so my title will be From Charleston to Atlanta….exploring my journey from a small city to a large one. You see how I flipped it to make it my own……you don’t have to steal ideas just make them fit who you are.
  • Crunch Time – Kick-start your morning with Jessica’s Koslow’s signature  granola. This stood out to me because I need to kick start my mornings badly so I am going to do a post on the best smoothies to kicktstart your morning with my very own signature smoothie that I made up. Yes… creative and show who you are!
  • Great buys under $100 – I am a foodie so I am going to say great menus in Atlanta for under $50 for a family of 4. The article talks about prints to elevate your 9-5 look but since I am not a fashionista I will do something that pertains to something I love

So you see how I took those articles and made them my own. You can do that too with your own collection of magazines. I use Zinio so that I can have all my magazines in one spot. I read them write down notes on the articles and then I create my content calendar for the month. I know some folks create content calendars for the year……I do them month by month just in case I need to add something extra or I have a sponsored post I need to work in there. I always like to leave room for stuff.

Magazines also come with a editorial calendar…something like what we as bloggers use. You can usually find them on the page at the bottom. If you go to and go to their menu then go to advertise you can find their editorial calendar under print or web version. Most sites just look for advertising options and you can find the calendar somewhere on there. This helps you plan out what’s popular for the upcoming months and work your posts to fit what people want to read. If you read content all the time you will never run out of ideas. It’s a mystery to me why people say they have writers block… magazines have writers block? No because there is always content out there for you to consume. It’s one of the reasons I can’t be niched with my blog…..I love a lot of things and I can’t have one thing I talk about all the time because then it gets boring and you have to add in other stuff. I like to keep my options and my blog talking points open so that it never gets boring. Some things will resonate with you while others may not but that is the beauty of It’s Really Kita because it’s not about you….It’s about what I love and that is keeping it real and putting a spin on topics to fit my life. Now let’s get to the juicy part because I know you wanna know….So Kita what magazines do you read and consume. I will tell you my favorites

Adweek – I get that weekly. Since I am a social media manager for companies I tend to need to know what’s hot in the marketing world and marketing starts with ads and what makes people buy and read things. It’s a very good magazine that I suggest you get so that you can always stay in the know with the hottest trends

Good Housekeeping – My mom use to read this when I was little so it’s been around for  a while…you would be surprised as to how many great articles I can pull form this to fit my generation and my age. It’s not an old people’s magazine if you look at it with fresh eyes and fit the articles to your age group

Click Magazine – I love photography so of course I would have this one! I must admit it’s my favorite magazine right now because I love getting inspiration from others. Every photographer that I like…I follow…I am obsessed with pretty pictures

Real Simple – This magazine is probably the most like my site. Real, Simple, and I cuss a lot. I get most of my ideas from this magazine and this is the only one I get as a paper copy it’s not on my zinio

Entrepreneur – I talk business a lot as I am a small business owner. This magazine is my go to for business articles. I always look and see what I can do to improve my business as well as help others with theirs

Southern Living – Now this magazine I don’t really get articles out of but I use it to plan out my photos. I am a brandographer so I work with brands…how do I come up with flat lay ideas or ideas on how to showcase brands…..this magazine teaches me a lot about object placements and what looks good to the eye.

Those are just a few that I consume. I set a day aside (usually Sundays) to read through all of them and get ideas. Remember if you say you have writers block…that means you aren’t consuming enough because there is always always something to talk about…provided you aren’t niched up! What’s your favorite magazine?

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