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List of Freebies to help you with your blog or business

March 27, 2016

We all love freebies right? Well here is a list of freebies that will help you because I am all about using free until you can pay to get what you need. Start somewhere………..

Free Invoice Generator. I send my invoices through paypal or square but this is a great tool also

Need to name your business? This should help you out

Need story ideas for your blog or business? Medium will help

If you are on wordpress don’t pay for Co Schedule if you don’t have the coins just use what I use…Editorial Calendar. Trust me does about the same thing

Make your visitors work for items on your site. This increases engagement and helps drive you traffic

Need a blog topic generator? HubSpot has you covered.

freebies for blog or business

Swayy helps you discover the most engaging content to share with your audience on social media based on their interests and engagement

Google + Is still alive and you can get the hottest topics on there.

Check your SEO and see how it’s performing.

People can steal your web page…search and see if someone stole yours.

Love quotes? Need a nice background to say them on? My favorite tool to turn a quote into a visual masterpiece

Free product mockups & templates.

Make twitter images ready in seconds

Free online survey and form builder

Free food pictures for your articles

I use this website a lot to get my free pictures

Another website to get photos for free

First free unlimited cloud service in the world

Create Ebooks in a simple way

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    April 20, 2016 at 2:22 pm

    I used to use Editorial Calendar. It works great, but it is NOT the same as CoSchedule. I hate paying, but love being able to do my social media sharing quickly through my WP Dashboard with CoSchedule.

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