Well my kids went back on last week Friday. I know…..a Friday….how crazy right. Most of the schools have went back today which you would think would be better but my school district feels that if they get the first day of school jitters out the way on Friday….then we can go hard starting that next week. WHATEVER. Now that the kids are back in school it’s time for a little me time! Here are a few things I will be doing once the kids go back

  1. Going to Panera once a week. I will make this something I do on a weekly basis to get out of the house. I can drop my kids off go to Panera in the morning and sit there until around 11am. Have breakfast there or wait until later and get lunch. Or maybe a soup will do. I would do Starbucks but I need food and the Starbucks near me stays crowded because it’s so small. Getting out of the house once a week will be good for me and I get to have some human interaction.
  2. Getting pampered once a month. So I have a beard…yeah I know gross. I have to get that waxed at least once a month so from now on I am going to get my feet done, nails done, eyebrows done, and beard waxed….every month. I need to do a massage too….I just need the whole thing. I think it’s vital to take care of you once the kids go back to school. Have yourself a free morning or if you work full time….a free lunch…add 30 minutes to that lunch and tell your boss to call me if there are any problems *side eye*
  3. Get a bike and go bike riding. Yep I will be purchasing me a bike and once a week I will ride my neighborhood 5 times around the entire subdivision. I will make a commitment to do this. Get my music and go with the wind. When it gets colder I will do it once the sun comes out! If I can learn how to put the bike on my car (I need a boo) I will even go to the parks and ride. Great way to get some exercise in!
  4. Napping. I am still the nap queen and I can’t function without an hour nap. Especially when I have to get up at 5:30 in the mornings to get kids off to school and I am the only one that has to do it…every single morning. I need to find someone my kids can carpool with. Anywhoo….I will take a one hour nap most days but not everyday…..who am I kidding I will probably take a one hour nap everyday. It’s good for me!
  5. Making smoothies ahead of time. So I do love my smoothies so I am going to do the frozen pack one and put some in the freezer and have it as a breakfast at least twice a week. I will start that this week. I can’t wait!
  6. Read a book. I read about 4 books over the summer it’s the most I have read in over 4 years. I think it’s good to take a step back and just read. It’s a great way to find content for your site, learn some things, and be inspired.
  7. Have a mastermind session.  If you know other work at home moms then meet them twice a month. Meet somewhere fun like maybe ihop bring your computer and have a mastermind session. If you connect with someone out of state do a Skype session over lattes. You can’t run stuff alone and having a sounding board or a person you can confide in to help you get things done would be a great thing to do for your business.
  8. Take time to clear your mind. Take an hour to just clear your mind. If not an hour at least 30 minutes (this is where my nap comes in because I normally fall asleep when my mind is clear lol) Meditate and get your thoughts in order. Put down social media, your laptop, and adjust your mainframe everyday.

Our schedule this year will be tough as it’s the first entire year without the hubs and we have to adjust. I have to get my rest and I have to run my business plus be a mom. I plan on shutting down everyday from 4-6 so that I can cook, help the kids with homework, and make sure that they have my undivided attention. We will also be squeezing in dance and boxing so my schedule will be a bit busy. On weekends I plan on resting and not going anywhere since we will be going going going during the weekdays. I will make weekend days to just chill and plan for the next week. If we have to go out we will but I would rather not. Grocery shopping will be done while one of the kids is at their classes so that I can drop one off, grocery shop with the other. I have to make sure I use every minute and every hour to my advantage and get things done. Even if I have to bring my laptop with me and sit in the car!

My son is now in the 5th grade and his work is getting harder and harder. My daughter is in the 2nd grade and she is required to do more. Since my kids go to a charter school they have homework every night with a project due on a weekly basis. Someone get my coffee cup ready cause I just might convert over this year.

When does school start back for you? Are you ready? Are the kids ready?

Kids are back in school.....It's me time!

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