Happy Mothers Day to everyone! Today I will be brief. I sat down earlier this year to write a short ebook on how I cope with losing so many people. I have lost my grandmother, mother, aunt, uncle, and a husband. I have asked God to give me a break for a couple of years….preferably 20. It’s tough to lose the people you love and it’s even tougher to be alone. Currently I don’t have a lot of family left it’s just my 2 Aunts and an uncle. Everyone else has died out. I wanted to start a series for losing people but after some thought I decided to put it all in one small book. It’s a quick read but it gives you a glimpse of how I deal with so much lost. People say I am strong but the truth is I have God on my side. Without him I would be lost. He has blessed me even when everyone is in heaven with him. I use to be angry but that anger turned into gratefulness because I have so many angels watching over me. If you click on the picture it will take you to the pdf file of the book. Some words are spelled wrong, some forms of words are used wrong but it’s coming from my heart. Charge it to the game and I will correct as I go. (as of Jan 1, 2017 this book is no longer available as I want to correct a few things. Please stay tuned and sign up to my email for a revised version soon)

The journey of losing someone


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