Before my husband passed away we started a savings account to try to get our finances in order so that we could purchase a home. With him full time (finally after 9 years of being part time) and me having my own business. We thought whew it’s time to own a home and finally have a place to stay without the rent going up every year. Our rent was over 1,000 and we figured before we hit 1200+ we need to look into buying a home. We had a real estate agent and we were looking for homes. We worked our buts off paying off bills for a year and finally in December we were ready to go to the bank to see what we were looking like. Good news we were good to go! They gave us our budget for a home and we looked. We wanted to take our time and look and thought by May we would have a home and be able to move by the summer.

God had other plans. My hubs passed away in January of this year. Our dream of having a home died with him but……………not quite. I had forgotten that we were in the process of looking for a home since his death so around the end of Feb I said to myself I wonder if I could continue on without him and so I went to the bank and they worked a miracle. I was able to continue the process of purchasing a home. I picked a home in one of the first subdivisions that were high on our list and the day I went to view the home don’t you know that I saw a mail truck in the subdivision (he was a postal worker) To me that was a sign to get the home.

Why am I moving right after the hubs has died you asked?

  • The rental home would be going up to 1100 by the end of the year…hell to the no if I can get a mortgage for cheaper I will roll with that
  • The rental had to much of him in it. We were in our rental for 3 years…it reeks of him every room I turn in I see him which is not bad but it can be heavy sometimes
  • The kids and I needed a new start. It’s time to make new memories and venture out as a family of 3 now, that means fresh starts

This will be the first home that I have ever owned so I am a bit nervous. To be honest….

I am scared of being a home alone. I hear noises………….all the damn time. We are moving from a one story home to a two story home and I was in the new home the other day trying to rest and I swore I heard someone on the steps….yep I am officially losing it.

I can’t do yardwork. So let me reword that….I can lawn a yard. My mom had me mowing the lawn at 8 years old. I had to do a walking lawnmower on a half acre property…walking ….at …..8. Let that sink in. I can do yard work but I have to pay someone to do it. The builder told me to make sure I water the grass…………come again. Let me find people to do that while I am at it I wonder if they can plant pretty flowers too cause I kill the ones I buy.

Maintenance Man. I live in Atlanta…well in the country part. Do you know I have called around to about 7 handyman places who either don’t service my area or they don’t return calls. I have a list of about 30 items and no one wants to take my money. I have gotten recommendations from friends but that too has gotten me no results. I call no one answers, I get in touch with someone and they forget that they had me on their schedule. I have been trying for two weeks to find someone…no luck yet. I am about to go to Home Depot and pick up someone preferably someone cute and he can take his shirt off…….

What if I can’t pay. This has crossed my mind. I make good money and we had a little in savings but lawd hammercy a sister is scared. One thing the hubs taught me throughout our 10 years of marriage is that you have to have faith…even when things look bad….have faith that everything will turn out exactly how it’s supposed too.

Good news is that my mortgage is much cheaper than what we were paying in rent even with insurance, HOA fees, and property taxes. I love rental properties because they fix everything but home ownership is important to build wealth.

Today is moving day although I have had the keys since the end of March. I took my time moving in as I wanted a few things done before I officially moved everything. Next week I am going to talk about things you should get done before you move into a new home. I am excited about my first home and my fresh start. I can’t wait to share some of the things I have been doing including checking out a new Vacuum from Dyson.

moving day

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