In this day and age, there’s a job for everything. You name it, and it’s most likely a position somewhere in the world. Some of these jobs are more common and stable than others. There’s also a lot of opportunities for college as well. Not just for young people but for any age in general. It’s becoming more common to hear about people holding at least a two-year degree. Sadly, though, many of these people are still not doing any better as far as a job goes simply because the degree they got did nothing in the way of providing opportunities for them. Outside of that, even if they received a degree, the area of expertise they are in will most often times call for a certain amount of experience.

My friend was a college advisor for eight years. She herself has Master’s level credits and still struggles with a career. She has found a job she will settle with but it’s not truly something she had dreamed of. She gives the best advice when it comes to handling the choice between experience and a degree. She said to focus on both. She said that, especially in this current society, you truly need both to know that you can secure a job. Many colleges, when you get up to higher levels, and sometimes even lower levels depending on the concentration, will have opportunities for you to gain experience as a part of the program. Don’t pass up those opportunities because they shine like a gold star on your resume.

Not all jobs require a degree. Not all jobs require experience. In fact, not all jobs require you to have either. However, you will often times see the clear difference between all of these. It is rare for someone to have an extremely good and high paying position in a job that doesn’t require either. This is simply the luck of the draw on those. Sadly, some of the jobs that require both can be pretty lame as well. Been there, done that. So, here’s my point. Plan ahead. Look at the area you live in and research what jobs are needed in the area, how much the average starting pay is, and what requirements you will need in order to obtain a position in one of those areas. Once you’ve done your research, start your degree and find a way to gain experience in the field along the way. Whether it’s job shadowing, interning, or a program offered with your degree, just be getting some experience in the field. Take it from my friend, you do not want to go through years of school only to find out that the advisors didn’t do their job in letting you know the opportunities involved with that degree. If you want to go to school simply because you adore the field, don’t always expect to come out with better opportunities for employment. My friend got her Bachelor’s in English because that’s what she loved. Unless she teaches K-12, her degree is worthless in the way of providing job opportunities. Sure, it looks great on a resume but it won’t get a stellar position. Hey, you might be one of the lucky ones that adores a field that has everything to offer. In that case, you’ve got it made! However, many of us need to make the decision on whether we want to have a degree in what we love without benefits, or just a degree in what we like but with all the benefits.

The job market in this day and age is cutthroat. Experience and a degree by themselves only get you so far in a position but if you truly want to excel, combining the two is a sure fire way to ensure better opportunities.

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