I was looking at an account the other day that had 32,000 followers but was averaging only around 60-100 likes per picture. Odd……I mean if 32,000 people are following you shouldn’t you have at least 1,000+ more likes on each of your pictures. I don’t get it….now I know Instagram has changed it’s algorithm but come on….Right now I have about 2,000 followers and I usually get around 40 likes per picture. I know people say use certain hashtags and stuff but I am good with the 40 who like my picture because the 40 who do like each and every time is my core audience. Those are the people who are waiting for my posts and they are the ones reading my blog. Instagram is my favorite platform so I want to give a few tips and tricks that I have learned to keep your instagram feed going despite likes or no likes

Photos – your photos on Instagram have to be on point. If you are a business please please please have clear concise pictures. My cell phone sucks…I know this and so does my audience. I rarely use my cell phone to take pictures. I bring out my big boy for most of my pictures. Since my camera has wifi it’s easy to transfer the picture to my cell and then put it on instagram. Most people who have nice feeds are using camera photos….or if they are using cell phones they edit them to be clearer. Don’t be fooled into thinking that people have such high quality photos for their feed without doing something to the picture.

Hashtags – Don’t overdo them. I normally use between 10-15 at the most. I also don’t put my pictures in hashtags where it makes no sense. If I do a food post I won’t say mom life….unless I am doing food for a baby or showcasing food for my child. If I am dong a post on furniture I am not going to post in the travel section….what does that have to do with furniture. The hashtags need to make sense. Have one for your own brand (I use #reallykita or #itsreallykita) and then use a few that represents what you are all about. It’s good to change up hashtags every so often too. I keep a list of my hashtags in my one note so that I can add them.  I know a lot of people also comment with their hashtags as a separate comment and you can totally do that. I do it if I have the time and I can get to a computer if not I don’t.

Be unique and offer a different perspective – So let’s say you are a lifestyle blogger…of course you put up a post on whats on your blog today but how about doing a sneak peek the day before so people can be on the lookout for what you may be talking about. If you are working with a brand do some behind the scenes shot along with your regular shots. I worked with Brio Tuscan Grille a few weeks ago and not only did I do the food but I took some outside shots, took a picture of other people enjoying the food, and went behind the scenes to talk to managers and waitresses to get the full perspective to bring to my audience. Sometimes it’s about the entire experience not just the main course.

Text – I love texts on Instagram and I love when people make it unique to their brand. I just rebranded and I have a new logo so the text that I have for my logo is the same text that I use for my quotes and stuff. I say about 3 quotes a week on instagram which is unique to brand. It’s the Say Shat quotes where I just say whatever it could be a word it could be a phrase, a call to action, whatever. The text is unique to my branding with the same fonts and look so that I can be be well rounded in my brand! You can also ask questions with your text too. This helps with interaction within your comment section and it makes your brand stand out more. I would do a question a week, a quote, and a call to action. Do those three things on the same day every week and you will be amazed at how quickly people will look forward to your stuff.

5 minute rule – So everyday I set my timer and for 5 minutes I like the posts that I see and comment on some. Then I go to my search area and like a few of those pictures. I do this daily so that I can remain active and make sure that I am growing and engaging. Try this on all of your social media channels and watch how you will grow.

Reposts – I don’t do reposts simply because my instagram looks a certain way and I don’t want to take from that. I however will make sure I link that post in other areas such as my Facebook page or on my twitter if I like the post and I want others to see it.

Join comment pods – This is the new thing now on instagram that I love. You can join pods that have no more than 15 people in them to help you with your instagram. I am in three of them and I have built such a great community with them that we each have moved beyond instagram into sharing each others Facebook, blog posts, and twitters. It’s amazing when you can build a community with strangers and we each support and help each other grow using our own voice.

These are just some basic things I have learned when it comes to instagram. I have changed over to the business account and I have had no change in likes so that is staying the same. I have noticed that my impressions are way more than my likes which sucks. I had 600 impressions on one picture last week but only 50+ likes…I wish those impressions could turn into likes but I like that I can see the number of people who see my photos. I can also see the times that my photos do well and where most of my audience comes from. Surprisingly I am doing well in the 35-44 category which is around my age. I have a lot of men looking at my account so 70% women and 30% men which I thought was good. New York is the city for the top location and that’s different since I am located in Atlanta, GA. If you have switched over let me know how you like it and what you think.

Instagram 101

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