If you have a company or a business or a brand…you need a blog. It’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Now every company doesn’t have to have a page called a blog you can call it many different things like galleries, update of the week, news of the week, what we are working on, around town, etc. Depending on what your company is you can tailor your blog to make sense for what you do. So what are some things that you can put on blogs? Let’s run through a few

Videos – Videos are popular. You can do them on youtube, snapchat, periscope, and many other things. You can upload all of your videos to your blog page or have a page where people can see what you are doing. Yes you can have a youtube channel but sometimes when people come to your company page they want to stay right there and see what it is that you offer. Have a day where you do a personal periscope of the week to let your audience know that their is a real person behind the company and share the video on your company blog page.

Top 5/10 Lists – Lists are very popular so you can do a list of things for your blog post. Make it fun and maybe do a Top 5 on Fridays where you highlight the top 5 things that your company did for the week. Every Friday people will know to come and see what you were up too and get a behind the scenes look. Of course you can save this for your newsletter too but it’s fun to give everyone a peek at what you do. Maybe save one thing that was big just for the newsletter.

Infographics – I am not a huge fan of these but depending on your business this may be a good thing. I know that I do social media for a Dental practice. They do a lot of infographics about teeth, braces, and health. As a matter of fact that’s all they do are infographics and it’s shared over and over again by other dentists. This is also a great way to show what you know to others so that you can build that trust with others. Infographics are facts and sometimes people want to get straight to the point.

How to guides – People want to know how to do things on their own without paying an arm and a leg. Yes some companies don’t like to tell you how to do things because their afraid their business will suffer but trust me…it’s probably already out there online somewhere why not tell people how to do simple things. I am not saying you have to tell them how to fix the toilet but maybe tell them how they can do stuff to prevent the toilet from clogging. Give them something helpful and then when something really goes wrong they know their spending their money with the right person who at least gave them some options. Graphic designers sometimes give you a how to guide on how to work with canva. Of course most work with illustrator but they are still helping you walk through basic design skills and answer simple questions. If you want the works though you will have to pay!

I am a firm believer that if you have a blog have a business and if you have a business have a… Click To Tweet

Sell something even if it’s a pdf or an ebook guide. Always look for ways to make money and turn your gig into something full-time. There are bloggers out there that make 6 figures but they also treat their blog as business. Does your favorite business have a blog? Tell us below!

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