I have a confession to make……Hello my name is Kita Bryant and I am addicted to Sweet Tea and Cookies. I do not eat a lot of ice cream, bread, pasta, soda, chips, candy, cakes, etc. My weakness is sweet tea and soft baked cookies.

Sweet tea is a staple down here in the south. Do you know we went to somewhere oh yeah the Gulf Coast of Florida and they didn’t have no sweet tea down there….like what the hell. I had a week with no sweet tea and I was not a happy camper. I drink sweet tea at least 3 times a day. I have tried to cut back but it brings me back in. Zaxbys has the best sweet tea and when I try to not have sweet tea I do an arnold palmer at Chick Fil A with a sweet tea and lemonade mix. I have the sweet tea that you can make with the keurig machine and sometimes I will boil some water and make an entire pitcher of it. I drink most of my calories because that is one of the only drinks I will drink. I don’t buy soda in the home anymore and my kids drink up all the drinks because I don’t allow them to have sweet tea. My addiction is horrible so here are the steps I am doing to make changes.

  • Throw away all the sweet tea for the Keurig machine so that I don’t make them in the house
  • Don’t go to Zaxbys but on the weekend and if I go during the weekday no sweet tea drink water
  • Do not mix the sweet tea and lemonade from Chick Fil A (this will be the hardest because I mean really it’s not straight sweet tea)
  • Drink my hot tea whenever I need it with honey instead (I drink the caffeine free Sleepy time tea some nights)
  • Pretend my water with lemon in it is tea………

Cookies are my other devil. Have you ever had the soft baked ones out of Zaxby’s (I know Zaxby’s is just the debil). The soft chewy right out of the oven otis spunkemeyer chocolate chip cookies. Yes, when I go through the line I order a Zalad with 3 chocolate chip cookies and I am so stingy that I make the kids share one of them and eat two alone *cries* The macadamia ¬†nuts aren’t too bad either. If I do share with the kids I get that one because they don’t like the nuts. I also love double stuffed oreos. I mean they might as well stop making those thin ones ain’t nobody got time for that. So how am I cutting back on cookies.

  • I’m not….I will eat my cookies!

Being addicted to sugary stuff is hard. How do you know if you are addicted?

  1. You eat more than what you thought you would. Remember I said I ordered three cookies from Zaxbys well…I could just order one but noooooo I have to order more
  2. Your reward is something sweet – You know how you did good all week and you want a “cheat day” Well yeah you might be addicted just a tad bit.
  3. You try to cut back but you can’t. Yeah I cut back on sweet tea only in the weekdays…on the weekends it’s all fair game. I just can’t cut back someone mentioned drinking green tea to me……….chile no
  4. You want dessert after every meal. So yeah….I use to be bad with this and this is actually how I get my kids to eat their food. If they eat dinner they get dessert. Now I kind of let up on that if you don’t eat you just go to bed hungry.

You can do what I do and overcome the sweet addiction slowly or you can embrace it but either way you will need to cut back for health reasons. I say take it slow and cut out slowly. I have to find a way to cut back on my cookie intake. I have tried not to buy it in the home but I mean if i see oreos on sale I buy em. I have to stop doing that. I am not giving up Zaxby’s cookies but I can give up the need to bring any additional cookies in the home.

Are you addicted to some type of food? Which one? How do you get over your addiction? 

I am addicted to Sweet Tea and Cookies

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