YouTube hasn’t been up and running for very long. In fact, it was started and launched in 2005 and bought around 6 months later by Google for a lot of money. If Google was interested in it, then we know it was a great idea and was growing quickly. YouTube has grown into the most popular site for videos and everyone goes to YouTube to search for anything and everything. From how to get your car to run on water to makeup tutorials, YouTube has become a very handy tool for those looking to not only make a name for themselves, but to push their business as well. Here are a few ways you can use YouTube for your business.

Make your YouTube Channel Unique – Not all businesses have something that will fit into a video that can be placed on YouTube and be interesting enough for someone to search it or for people to want to share it, etc. The great thing is, just because you use it for your business doesn’t mean that the only thing you post on YouTube connected your business has to include what your business specifically does. Have I blown your mind yet? People often find the most interesting videos on YouTube to be either funny, interesting/factual, or entertaining. Cute animal videos are among some of the most popular on YouTube and it’s easy to capture an animal being adorable.

Don’t Go Too Far Outside the Box – I heard someone say once, “Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.” In other words, if it works and is popular, don’t try to completely change it, just try to make it your own. You definitely want to use something that people already love but if you make it too similar, it will get washed out in the millions of videos on YouTube. So, go outside the box but not so far that you lost people.

Keywords and Links Everywhere – Don’t be afraid to use popular keywords on other popular videos as long as it connects to your video content. Using popular keywords will allow your video to pop up more in popular searches. Also, plaster your website link everywhere. In the description, inside the video, in the comments, etc. If you get traffic to the video, you will get traffic to your business even if the business has anything to do with your video content or not.

A great example of making a unique video even if your business doesn’t exactly have video-worthy concepts, is a girl who runs her own boutique. Running a boutique isn’t exactly an exciting video topic however, when she would have sales or promotions or whatever, she would have a video (based on the size of the clothes) and show off the pieces of clothing and options she had available on the sale. I personally am not even a big shopper but I watched her video because it was a unique idea and I could pinpoint my size. Let me tell you, she was beyond popular for it and sold her stock quickly. Another example includes a man who was a plumber. Other than basic “how to fix stuff” videos, he needed a way to truly draw people in, to give them a laugh or something, in order to push his business name more. He started doing silly videos with little stunts, not like risky bodily stunts, just funny stunts with like old equipment, etc. Even though the stunts really didn’t connect to what his business was all about, it showed his fun side which drew people to him. Plus, at the end of the video he would always add in to call him if anyone needed help with any of the services he offered. It was brilliant. This concept can be just as easy for you and there are so many more ways to use YouTube for your business, just do a quick Google and you will be amazed at all the info out there.

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