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How to Scare Away Your Competition

October 26, 2016

When you think about your business, it’s normal to think of ways to rise above the rest. However, it’s not usually normal to think of a way to scare the competition rather than just compete with them. The neat thing is, there are many things you can do or even basic things you can do that ultimately scare your competition because overall, it’s hard to keep up with or meet the standard. If you go above and beyond the rest, they can’t contend with you. Having a business with no competition whatsoever isn’t likely but there are ways that your business can be more noticeable than your competition’s.

Headless Horseman

You know how people can easily lose their head over one little issue? It often results in a phone call or visit from this irate person who makes it seem like the world is crashing down. People like this can be very difficult to handle but don’t let them cause your customer service to falter. No matter what, YOU keep your head and treat them with courtesy and calmness. Having amazing customer service is rare these days and people will often be repeat customers even if there was an issue simply because the customer service was so exemplary. So, don’t let your office turn into a scene from Sleepy Hollow the next time a headless horseman tries to take it over.

The Zombie Apocalypse

Sadly, many businesses these days feel they must slip into the cookie cutter ways of everyone else in order to make it. That’s not true. Although slipping into the cookie cutter ways may guarantee a consistent and basic income, standing out and being unique is what will get you the attention as well as make your competitors shrink into the background. So, don’t play into the zombie apocalypse of the business world, be the cure and stand out!

The Living Dead

It’s too easy to get caught up in other things that certain details of our business are left untouched. For example, it can be so hard to keep on top of social media especially when it’s always changing. Not to mention, there are some times where it feels pointless to keep up on it when no traffic is coming in. Don’t get into a zone of complacent business ownership. Be lively and always working towards growing your business even when it feels worthless. Don’t be like those other businesses that are technically alive but ultimately dead due to lack of action and growth.

Aliens Among Us

If your business is online, connect with those who are important in the growth of your business. Befriend them and keep in contact with them. The same goes for an in-person business. Get out in the community. Meet people, connect with them, let them know who you are. Be a face that’s recognizable and trusted, don’t be that person who nobody knows and could be an alien for all they know. Don’t be a “visitor of earth” be someone who’s noticeably a local.

Overall, it’s easy to keep the competition on their toes as long as you stay on yours. There are many business owners who are not willing to keep up the work and effort. If you keep it up, they will undoubtedly get spooked.

How to Scare Away Your Competition

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