Making money from what we love to do isn’t always an option or at least it can feel that way. I could be rich if I had a dollar for every time somebody told me they didn’t choose a degree or a job because they loved it but because it brought in good money. The most successful feeling life or career is when you can make money doing what you love. This doesn’t mean you will start out this way. Often times, you have to work your way up to being able to work full time doing what you love.
I have a friend who is 26. That seems young but she started towards her career at 12-years-old and by the time she was 17, she was working in a college office while getting her degree. Now, the position she held at the college was not sunshine and roses and she often worked 2-4 jobs at all times. She got little sleep but kept pushing through because she knew it would pay off in the end. She eventually got married which allowed her to drop a couple of the jobs while continuing with her goal. She worked at the college for 8 years, being screwed over the whole way not only on pay but position as well. It was a toxic work environment to say the least. The job at the college was only part-time so she held another job at an insurance office in the mornings and worked at the college at night. This made for a 12-hour shift every day on top of Master’s classes. However, her dream was to be able to work from home teaching online so she could travel more often and experience the world. Getting a well-known name in a college along with the Master’s was a guaranteed teaching position. Sadly, the college was not all about taking care of their employees so she never ended up getting to teach through them. She saw it coming and started to use her skills and degrees to find another way to work from home making about what she would have from teaching. This resulted in taking on a third job writing for anybody who would let her. After a year, she had finally found Facebook groups and other social media that allowed her to connect with other people who needed her services. She was able to build a client base which guaranteed a weekly income. Once that was established, she quit both jobs and began to put all her focus on her business.
I tell you this story to tell you, there are ways to do what you love and make money from it. The woman from the story had a degree in English and that’s what she had wanted to teach. So, instead of giving up and trying to find another job, she kept her sites on what she loved (writing/English) and found a way to still use it. You notice, it took her a year of a lot of hard work to be able to do that. It didn’t happen overnight. The first thing you need to do is sit down and be honest with yourself about what it is you truly love to do. Be real too, don’t be like, “I enjoy eating.” Be realistic and honest about what could really bring you a great career. After that, start searching. The internet is FULL of opportunities. Just search the topic of what it is you love to do and start clicking and reading. You will be surprised what you find out. Make phone calls, send emails, and ask a ton of questions. Get really involved on social media in the area of interest you’re looking at. If school is needed or involved, get started on that aspect of it as well. Don’t wait, work hard and research a lot.
The woman in the story now works from home and makes $3-$4K a month just writing for people, doing what she loves. It didn’t come easy but she set her mind to it and did the research to find the opportunity. She now helps others use what they love to earn money. Her sister loves to do nail designs but couldn’t afford to go to school for it so she photographed the nail designs and sold the step-by-step process to website owners and bloggers. Everybody always asks her, “How in the world did you find out how to do that?” Her response is, “I literally just searched it on Facebook.” It’s that easy, folks. You just have to find out how to use your skills in a way that will make you money and it’s not going to be a get rich quick scheme. You’ll have to build a reputation and the whole kit and caboodle.

How to make money doing what we love

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