I won’t lie….I am not  a huge fan of guests especially people that I haven’t known for years. I am weary of having people in my home because trust is so hard to give to others. I don’t have any money in my home but I do have important paperwork in my home which we all do. Paperwork such as bank stuff, social security cards of myself and kids, business things, etc. are in my house and it’s very important that I keep some stuff to myself. You can’t have people in your business and some people are nosy as hell. Yeah I said it….they are always trying to figure you out and the answer key can be in your house. So how do you handle overnight guests if you are a private person? Here are some tips……..

If kids are coming over to stay….move all of your good stuff, crayons, and all the toys your kids love, up – Let’s be real people raise their kids differently than how you raise your kids. You have some parents who let kids write on walls (not in my gotdamn house), kids run around and don’t know how to sit down, and kids just help themselves to stuff without asking. My daughter had a guest over a few years ago who took one of her favorite dolls and cut the doll hair off. My daughter said put her OUT. My daughter didn’t speak to her the rest of the time she was at our home and I had to let the mother know. After that incident I made sure to put up all of my kids favorite toys out of the way so that they won’t be touched by other kids. I don’t care about the cheap toys but the American Girl doll…….oh that will be up in my closet high above the ground for safety because that’s not a cheap doll. My son loves his xbox one and if that gets messed up…..he will go fool so when guests come over…I bring out the old xbox with the old games….play that. All electronics like tablets, phones, and computers are not to be touched while other kids are in the home. You can get them back after they leave. This is to make sure there is no fighting going on, no one messes up anything that I paid for, and to make sure that your things are still usable after your guests leave.

Put up all of your paperwork – So you know you just bought that expensive computer and nosy is coming over to the house. They are going to see a receipt laying around and then bam…..oh you got money to buy a computer. Ommmmm don’t we all own a computer….that is how I do my job, don’t you surf the internet, these are questions I ask when people ask me about a computer or purchase. Why are you so concerned with what I did with my money. I have paperwork for my late husband, paperwork for my kids, paperwork for bank statements, etc. I don’t want that stuff laying around because people can snap a quick photo of your things and next thing you know…you are compromised. Try to make sure that you go through all of your paperwork before guests come to your house. Throw away receipts that you don’t need anymore, put up the big receipts in a locked box or put it in a room that is locked to outside guests. Keep an eye on your guests as they move about make sure you keep doors closed to areas you don’t want them in.

Make sure your kids keep their mouth shut – My kids know that what goes on in this house….stays in this house or rather should stay among us. Don’t tell our guests what I did the night before to prepare for them to come….that’s none of their business. Don’t tell my guests what I said about them either because you know you say stuff about your Mother In Law or your cousin on the sly and kids will repeat it. I remember my cousin coming over one night to spend the night and my daughter said….mom wants your daughter to sleep on the air mattress because she pees the bed and my mom doesn’t want her mattresses peed on………….GOTDAMMIT! Yeah I said that about her daughter but I had no idea my daughter would repeat it. So make sure you talk to your kids before hand about their mouth and tell them to keep it shut. Or try not to talk around them…..they are always listening and can put two and two together these kids aren’t dumb.

Make your guests feel welcome – So I know when I go to people’s house you can pick up on a vibe if they don’t want you there. It’s not in anything they say but in the things you do. When you go over to someones house and they say oh don’t touch that or be careful what you move, or they say something about their home several times (how they like to keep things neat and ordered) I tend to not feel welcomed. This is one of the reasons that I don’t just let anyone come to my house without knowing them for a while because people who I know…..I don’t fix nada for them. If you want something to drink cups are there and drinks in the fridge….I don’t even move. Make yourself at home! I also just tell them where things are I don’t have to get towels for them or anything they are free to make my house their home. Make guests feel welcome by putting out a welcome basket for them that has their favorite things. You can put soap and a nice set of towels in there just for them to make them feel a part of your household.

Have insurance – I remember when my son went to a birthday party overnight a few years ago and one of the kids somehow got hurt and broke their leg. The parent tried to sue the homeowners. I don’t know what happened to the case but please make sure you are careful when you invite people into your home. Some people aren’t your friends or family and if they want money or they want to be catty they will do so. I have liability insurance just in case someone gets hurt in my home….I am not playing with people. I don’t have a desire to be in court and hope that never happens but I like to cross my T’s and dot my i’s because people can get hurt and some may end up coming after you.

Overall it’s fun to have guests spend the night or come over to your home for the day. I love that I can entertain and have fun. I don’t do it often because honestly…..I like my space. I don’t mind people coming over for a couple of hours but I don’t know if I want them coming over to spend the night often that is reserved for people that I have known for over 10+ years. I am very careful not to spend the night over to others house often either and prefer a hotel because I am picky. I also don’t let my kids go over to spend the night to anyone’s house. If I am not there they can’t go! Maybe that will change when they get older but for now….I don’t allow my kids to spend the night to anyone but family. How do you handle overnight guests or how will you handle guests this holiday season?

How to guest proof your house for the holidays




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