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How to deal with bullies

October 25, 2016

I’m not sure when this world gained so many bullies but it’s definitely more common than I remember. Maybe I’m just forgetting, either way, it’s a problem. Often times, when we think of bullies, we think of kids and teenagers. Sadly, bullying occurs among adults just as much as children. As an adult, it sometimes can be just as scary to be bullied if not more than with kids. It seems adults have the gumption to take it farther. Anyways, it can be hard to know what to do when it comes to dealing with bullies. It feels like they have more power than you do. If you or your children are faced with a bully, here are a few tips in dealing with them.


  1. Walk away. I know that sometimes this can’t be done because the bully may be physical. However, if the bully is just always full of hurt words, literally ignore them like they don’t exist. If you don’t react, they will eventually stop. It may take a few times of you not reacting, but it will happen.
  2. Tell an adult who you trust and know will do something. I’ve seen some teachers and principals turn a blind eye to issues in school because it happens often. If you don’t think one of your teachers or principal will help, tell and adult who you trust to help you. Not telling anyone, especially if it’s physical could result in something horrible.
  3. Protect yourself if need be. If a person tries to hurt you, it may be necessary to protect yourself to get away. This is only if you need to. However, you don’t want to do nothing and just sit there and take it, that’s not helping anyone.
  4. Try to stick to a group. I know it’s not always possible to be in a group but the more of a friend base you have, usually the harder it is for a bully to pinpoint you. Two heads are better than one. If you’re finding it difficult to find friends, ask an adult for advice and truly listen.


  1. Report them. I know, sounds like you’re being a tattle tale but who cares? If the bully is bad enough, someone with more power over them needs to rein them in. I know that a lot of work places have a way to submit a report and even anonymously if need be. Nip it.
  2. Stand up for yourself. If you roll over and let the bully keep doing what they’re doing, that’s only spurring them on. Let them know their actions won’t be tolerated. Never use their behavior to strike back, that will help no one.
  3. Avoid them. We have little control of who we are forced to be around as a kid. However, as an adult, we have more control of who we have to deal with. Just don’t even deal with it, avoid them and you’ll have to deal with their behavior less.
  4. Be collected during embarrassing moments. If they’re making fun of you, ignore them like they don’t exist. Further, if something embarrassing happens, don’t get all worked up. This will only give them ammo against you. Stay calm and handle it with elegance.

Sometimes we can feel like we have no choice in the situation but we always do. Be prepared but most of all, love you and don’t blame yourself. People just suck and part of life is learning how to deal with those people. You’re not alone.

How to deal with bullies

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