My kids are awesome and they are also kids. I try to keep them from the heartaches of the world but sometimes I want them to see just how hard it is for some families. They have a certain privilege that I nor their dad had growing up. They get access to more things and they live a decent life but….yes there is a but…..I want my kids to know that their are people who don’t have what they have. People who live on the streets, people who don’t have adequate healthcare, people who don’t have money to buy even what’s needed. I want my kids to learn how to give back to various charities and help those that are less fortunate. I was honored to visit the Atlanta Ronald McDonald house a few weeks ago to see what all they have to offer and I was so amazed by all of the things they did for families. If you don’t know what the Ronald McDonald house is let me give you a run down…

Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities provides a home away from home for families of sick and injured children receiving care at local hospitals. Essentially they provide a place to stay at no cost to the families who have sick kids at local hospitals. Imagine if you had to come to Atlanta for a medical procedure and you can’t afford to stay at a hotel or you didn’t have family members here…where would you stay and what would you do? That is where the Ronald McDonald House comes in at! I was able to take my kids to view the house here in Atlanta and my kids were in awe of how they helped families

So how can your kids learn to do good in the world? Here are some tips….

  • Have them watch shows or movies that do some good! I know that the Disney shows are great and it teaches my kids to do good in the world. I know we aren’t supposed to stick our kids in front of a TV but sometimes those shows have valuable lessons that they can learn
  • Have them help out the elderly. It doesn’t have to be someone they don’t know they can help out someone that they do know so they can learn how to be kind right in their own backyard. Help out grandma in the kitchen, help grandma load groceries in the car, help grandma clean her room. Doing little things for someone you already know prepares you to help others that you don’t know
  • Have your kids volunteer with you doing various things like feeding the homeless or going to the old folks home to visit others. If they see you do it…they will want to do it
  • Have them come up with their own cause. My son hates seeing homeless people on the streets so I asked him what he would like to do to help and he said let’s do care packages for the kids on the street. Great idea! That way he gets involved by doing something he wants to do
  • Donate toys and clothes to others. My kids have a bag in their room and they go through once every other month and put things they no longer play with or wear in there for other kids. I want them to know that they can give more than just money
  • Teach them that the world still has good in it…..not everyone is mean. Show them inspiration or be the inspiration that they need

I am also a huge supporter of making sure my kids don’t have everything they want. I want them to know that they have to work for it and nothing is given. I think that by working for it they appreciate it more. That helps raise good kids who don’t think that things should be given to them. No one likes a spoiled brat! My kids help out with my business so that I can teach them that helping mom is also a great way to do good. My daughter helps me to style photoshoots and did the one below on her own….

My son is my hand model and helps me sort through receipts and various paperwork. It all starts from home when it comes to creating good kids who want to give back.

Giving to local charities and helping is a great start. You can start by making sure the charity that you are giving to is on the up and up….you know you don’t want to give to things that are fake or things that have no real substance behind them. You also want to make sure that you verify that the money is being used in the right way to help others. I don’t want myself or my kids to put time and effort into anything to only find out that what they did didn’t go towards the cause. That is heartbreaking not only for my families but for families that believed in that organization. I know that the Ronald McDonald house is the real deal and that is why my kids and I are looking into adopting a family soon!

How do you support your local charities? How do you teach your kids about how to do good in this world?

Thank you to the Atlanta Ronald McDonald house for having just tour! 




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