I don’t make excuses anymore for the things that need to get done. I instead, make things happen. For those who don’t know me one of the things people say about me is that if Kita says she is going to do it….you best believe Kita is going to do it. I don’t wait for the right timing, I don’t wait for permission, I don’t wait for others to give me their opinion. I just do SHAT! I wasn’t always like this as a matter of fact I will tell you a personal story……

When my mother died I was severely depressed. My mother and my grandmother raised me so to lose both of them within 4 months of each other due to separate illnesses I was devastated. I didn’t want to get out of bed. My husband didn’t know what to do with me and he kind of left me alone. You see he had never lost anyone close to him so he didn’t know how to take me or how to comfort me. I became reclusive and into myself. I didn’t go anywhere unless I had too which was normally twice a month….and I only got out of bed because I had a small baby to care for. He was my reason for getting up every day. My hubs and I fought for years because he didn’t understand how someone so smart could just sit around and not go out and make that money. All the pressure for bills fell on him and he was pissed but at that time I didn’t care. I only saw my own sorrow and fed into that. Fast forward to a stranger helping me out of my depression three years later I found that I had wasted my time not making things happen. I made excuses for not using my degree to the fullest. I was always a person of my word but I didn’t make things happen I kind of waited…..and waited……and waited. And pretty soon if you keep waiting you will never get shat done. So here are some habits that I used to make things happen for me when I got out of my depression

  1. Write your ideas down immediately – I had an idea to start a magazine and the next month I started it. I loved my magazine but it wasn’t me so I switched over to a regular lifestyle blog and I wrote down the things I wanted to talk about. Things that were important to me. I am not into fashion so you will never see that, I am not into beauty so you will never see that. I am however into business, food, travel, and parenting. Those are things you will see the most on this site. I am especially into small businesses and making sure they succeed that is what i am about. Anytime a topic comes across my view I always make sure I relate it to my business or what I like to talk about. I am coming out with some mugs later on this year all of my sayings are written down on my wall and its ready to go!
  2. Don’t take yourself seriously – I hate boring drab people. Yes, they win sometimes but they are boring winners. Do you know why Trump is so popular? Because he does funny shat, different shat, he is different. Hillary…is boring and drab. I watched her bring out her Vice President pick and actually fell asleep. *big sigh* I don’t talk about politics often but I must say Trump does outlandish things that make you stop and take a look. Flying in from his helicopter….yeah. Don’t be boring have some life to you, have some spunk. Boring people win but are hardly remembered!
  3. Self deposit into yourself and your business – So most of my social media money goes right back into my business. I do not go out to starbucks or go out shopping with the money I make. I instead put it back into my business so that I can have the tools to make your business the best it can be. I want to make sure my clients have excellent pictures. I take my hard earned money and save for lens that I want to make your pictures look good. It’s no extra cost to you and I don’t go up on my prices just because I got something new. I want to make sure that your hard earned money that you pay me goes into making you look good and that shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Invest in yourself by taking time off. I normally take off during mothers day week, memorial day week, fall break (my kids have a week break in October) and of course for Christmas. I take those breaks to free my mind, get off of social media, I don’t check emails, and I break. I want to come back refreshed and ready to work. Take the time to invest in you or you won’t make it big.
  4. Make personal challenges – So I am doing the Project 365 on a daily basis. I do this on a daily so that I can pick my camera up and take photos, try new shots, document my journey of photography, and most importantly capture something I did each day. I do personal challenges to help me better myself. A personal challenge can come in any form. Maybe you write down something good in your gratitude journal, maybe you do something healthy each day, maybe you spend 10 minutes alone each day, etc. Whatever your personal challenge is do it with everything you have. Set it up to where you will do it and not make any excuses to why it wasn’t done. This will help you in your brand and business. In order to grow and build you have to do things and challenge yourself. When was the last time you challenged yourself?
  5. Be real – This is my most important habit of making things happen. I am real, blunt, and can be a bit too much sometimes. I don’t sugarcoat anything! I think it can be a weakness or a strength depends on how you look at it. If you can be real and candid people will love you. Tell people straight up that you mean business. People will appreciate your frank honesty.
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How I make it happen in business

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