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How do you find clients on social media?

August 31, 2016

Finding clients on social media may not be as easy as finding them in person but it definitely allows you to have connections to bigger companies as well as more likeminded people. With the click of a button, you can connect with thousands of people in your same interest area all over the world which is a pathway to bigger opportunities than random, chance happenings in person. In person, you may have more of their attention immediately, but with online you have to get their attention and hope you keep it. Therefore, getting a new client’s attention is the hardest part and the part that needs to be focused on the most when trying to get new clients through social media. Here are a few tips on finding new clients through social media.
Use the search bar to find people similar to you and your business. For example, I have a friend who has an Instagram for her beagle puppies. She wants to get their cute faces out and recognized because there is money in cuteness and animals these days. She simply searched beagle and thousands of Instagram accounts popped up, some quite large. She then began to follow around 40 of these accounts a day and would comment or like photos on their pages. She would also go into their followers and add “normal” people from there. She did similar things on other social media platforms which produced her beagles being featured on large animal pages as well as media licensing companies contacting her about purchasing video and picture rights from her. Odds are, you have something to offer that people want but how do they know they want it if they don’t know it exists? With so much interaction on social media, it can be easy to get washed out, so go nuts pushing your name daily. Not once in a while, daily.
Hashtags are man’s best friend in the world of social media. If you use the correct hashtags, you can get a lot of attention from the right people. Do research on the best hashtags for your business and niche and use them every time you post. Hashtags work for every form of social media so don’t be afraid to use them.
Try to reach out to companies or business owners who have a similar niche to you, especially ones who are larger than you. Ask questions, get involved with them and become friends. They can help take you even higher. Further, reach out to people you think could be potential clients. Send a message to a small number each day, say 3-5. Odds are, you’ll get clients from this interaction alone simply because it’s on a more personal level rather than a mass message level. Again, it’s all about people knowing you even exist.
Lastly, make your current customers or followers excited about you and what you’re doing. Word of mouth and excitement over a brand makes it grow like a wildfire based on this alone. Acknowledge your customers, offer contests, feature photos of customers with your product, etc. Let them feel involved and appreciated. There are countless ways to draw in clients and customers on social media. There are even Facebook groups you can join that will help you gain clients. I will say it one last time though, the biggest trick to getting clients on social media is making yourself known and in a good way.

How do you find clients on social media?

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