Ever since my husband died I feel that time is moving faster and faster. My kids are getting older and their in a lot of stuff and since I am a newly single parent I feel that I have no time to do anything since I now have to do everything. My uncle asked me what I wanted the most for mothers day this year and I made a quick reply that I wish I could hire out someone to come to clean and cook for me. That would be heaven and save me so much time! Well he listened and presented me with a year of cleaning services. He gave me the money to hire a local cleaning service and I feel that I am in heaven. As busy mothers, friends, aunts, etc we sometimes have no time for ourselves. I know that some of us can’t afford to hire out but the piece of mind that comes when you can spend more time just living…it’s worth it. Plus when you buy from others you are helping a small business out and that is a win win situation! So here are some of the things that I hire out to save me time and in some cases it’s a bit cheaper.

  1. Cleaning service. I use Maid Simple near me. Its a fairly new franchise that just started up and so far so good. I am super pleased with the work that was done in my  home. On average I clean once a week. Normally cleaning two rooms a day which takes me about 5 days. I made the kids clean some things but it was still time consuming as we had things to do in the evenings and I worked in the day. Since Maid Simple comes twice a month I only do spot cleaning and even then if I can’t get to it…I don’t worry about it. I get my home cleaned twice a month at $99 every two weeks. She makes the beds, folds clothes, vacuums, mops, does the dishes, dusts, sweep, etc. She even got down on the baseboards. I walked across my floor when she was done mopping and got yelled at lol…..she re mopped and told me to stay off the floors. Yes ma’am! Overall I was pleased with my service and now I don’t have to worry about having a clean house it will stay clean.
  2. Virtual Assistants. Since I run a blog/business I need help in the worse way when it comes to getting my content out there and making sure I am in front of others when it comes to my business and blog. I can’t do it alone and I don’t even know why I tried in the beginning. Virtual Assistants are the way to go…and they are worth their weight in gold. I have 3…yes I pay 3 people to help me run my business because at the end of the day my blog is my business. I have each one of my assistants doing various things from gathering content for me to write about, handling my twitter account, helping me grow my pinterest, tackling my Facebook page, and much more. Hire one and stop trying to do it alone. Most VA’s start at around $30 a week and if yours doesn’t then contact me so I can give you the ones I work with. All three of them are the bomb.com
  3. Hire a chef. Now I eat out a lot….and I spend quite a few dollars. Why not spend that money on hiring a cooking service. I heard that uber has a delivery service going on where if you live in popular cities you can pay for your food to be delivered. Hireachef.com is a great place to start or you can do blue apron meals delivered to your home. I did a test last year where we ate out for a family of four for one week and I calculated the price then the next week I bought groceries and we ate in. Eating out was cheaper…..not by a lot but I was surprised by that we saved about 10 bucks eating out vs eating in. If you can hire a chef or someone to come and cook…even if it’s just on the weekends do it. You can get a little piece of your life back and that’s time that you can spend with your kids or catching up on you.
  4. Hire a babysitter. So I looked high and low to find a teenager that I could trust to come into my home and help me. I need some time to myself. I have a 10 year old and a 7 year old and they both run me crazy. More so my 7 year old daughter….she comes in my office every hr on the hr and asks questions if she is home. Sometimes mommy needs a moment to recharge and since I live where I hardly have friends and family I have to make use of people to help me. I found a 14 year old girl to help out and I pay her $10 an hr to help me with the kids on the weekends. She comes every Sunday in the mornings and as soon as she gets here I escape. I take about 3 hrs to myself and chill out. Either in starbucks or somewhere. If you are married or single try to hire someone….it will help out a lot to have a few hrs to yourself.

Make sure what that if you have the extra funds put it towards having a piece of mind. It works wonders for your soul. If you could hire out a service what would it be?

Hiring others to save time for yourself

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