Since my hubs died I have been trying to find ways to incorporate new ways of communicating with my kids. One of the things that I have seen lately are notes that parents leave in their kids school box. I decided to up the playing games that these mamas play and get some fancy printed notes from Minted. Y’all ain’t about to outdo me when it comes to winning kids over. Take a seat!

Hello, from Mommy

I was able to order these Hello, From Mommy cards through Minted and I love them here are a few pointers

  • Do something unique for your kids school lunch box
  • Get it printed with something unique like love mommy, from mommy, I see you, etc
  • The process to order them are super easy and they have so many designs you might need a day to pick them out
  • The cards are durable and they aren’t paper thin like others that I have seen

I have never left notes for my kids. My son has a cell phone but he can’t carry it to school until he gets to middle school so he has one more year. In the meantime I want my kids to know that I am thinking about them and that I am always lurking with futuristic notes. My kids think I am in the school when they read the notes because I know them so well. For example I left my daughter this note the other day

Hello, from Mommy

She came home and said mom….how did you know that I was about to eat my dessert first. Yassssss I know, Mommy knows these things

My son….he never ties his shoes. I tell him to tie them at least 5 times every morning before school and he still doesn’t tie them. I have told him that he will either fall and bust his face up or someone else will fall and hurt themselves. He won’t listen unless something happens and I am sick of telling him so I thought a note would do the trick

Hello, from Mommy

He came home and said mom…..I did tie my shoes…yet when he got in the car it wasn’t tied.

Anywhoo, I love leaving little notes for my kids it’s fun for them but it touches my heart to know that they read it and they love seeing it daily. I have been doing the notes for a week and they look forward to it all the time. I will be keeping these notes up and I need to order some more from minted asap because I am running out.

Along with the notes I also ordered some name tags because lawd hammercy. School Started in August and they have already lost sweaters and jackets ( they claim the class is cold) and lunch bags. So I have to name tag everything around here because apparently everyone shops at the same spots in town and everyone thinks it’s their sweater. While you are ordering notes for the lunch box order some name tags too. They come in handy for everything here are a few things I put them on for my kids

  • Lunch bag
  • book bag
  • water bottles (they are allowed to take them to class and drink  during the day
  • Sweaters
  • Notebooks

My son is a smarty pants. I tell him that his name isn’t on any seats in this house and this fool puts his name on the seat I sit in for dinner and he puts his name on box of cookies in the pantry. Sir……do you buy these things, do you pay for anything in this house I made him take his non fingernails finger and peel off every sticker he placed on things around here.

_mg_0872 minted

Overall Minted is now my favorite place to shop for heartfelt things that create special memories for my kids. They know that I love them and that their dad loves them and I always try to include him in our activities. My son has even asked if he can order some notes and leave them for dad to read and I think that is just what we will do. Have you shopped at minted? What’s the first thing you would buy? Do your kids lose clothes like mine do?


I received these items in exchange for a review. Nothing monetary was exchanged. All opinions are mine! 


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