The week before mothers day I will be attending the Mom 2.0 Conference in Orlando and I am hitting the road with my Fab Five girls. I love a good road trip! Since I have never been on a plane the road takes me places that the plane won’t. When I take a road trip I get to stop in small towns, eat at new places, see exciting things, and just be free… from paying for extra baggage lol. When I travel I carry everything but the kitchen sink..I mean I don’t know you gotta be prepared. I don’t know how to pack light at all. Y’all give me some tips….Anywhoo I will be hitting the open road. If you get on the road with me here is what you need to know…

  • I don’t make stops for potty breaks every two hours. I don’t care if you 2 yrs old or 90 yrs old we ain’t stopping lol. I like to make sure everyone uses the bathroom before we head out because public bathrooms aren’t my thing at all
  • I will blast my music and talk on the phone the entire ride. I won’t do both at the same time but I will call and talk to a friend for about an hr then ride with my music for an hr and do that the entire way there
  • I carry snacks so you ain’t ever gotta worry about being hungry in my car

The longest I have traveled was 15 hrs on a road trip…yeah I know it’s bad. I will get on a plane one day but for now I am loving the road trips and traveling to places that are near. I have also been on a train which is very nice but today we are talking about the wide open roads. Here are some tips before you hit the road

Plan out your trip. Are you going to stop in a certain town, where will you eat food at, are you going to be visiting anyone. When I went to Charlotte,NC a few weeks ago I stopped to visit a friend in Greenville,SC. I planned on visiting her and spending a certain amount of allotted time with her so that I can know the time constraints.

Look at a map before you hit the road. Yes I know we have our phones but if you are like me and have T-Mobile….you will know that the coverage doesn’t reach a lot of areas. You will get lost if you lose signal and lawd hammercy you will cry. I went two hours away last summer with the kids….lost signal…..and literally was about to have a breakdown because I was low on gas and it looked like nothing was in sight. Luckily I was able to turn around and not go to far off the beaten path before running out of gas. I filled up and got an actual map from the gas station and asked for specific directions just in case my GPS went out again.

Share where you are going with a few people. Yes I am a private person. I don’t like to share where I’m going because I don’t like people in my business but please make sure you tell at least two people where you are going so that they can know where you are just in case something happens. I know we like to “check in” on social media but have people who aren’t on social media know your whereabouts also. You can post that you are in timbuktu on your FB page and the very next day someone who isn’t paying attention will ask you where you at…..people don’t pay attention on social media that well so make sure you are accounted for.

Have your car serviced. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen folks on the side of the road with no help. Make sure you have a tow service on deck through Triple A or through your car insurance. Just in case you get a flat or your car breaks down or if you stop to use the potty and lock your keys in the car (yes I have had that happen to me before smh)

Carry a first aid kit and have multiple chargers. I always have a first aid kit in my purse and I also have a bag of clothes readily available that’s not packed just in case I get stuck and I gotta pee or something happens unexpectedly like I wasted a drink all over my good shirt (I have done this before)

Have your camera with you and document your trip. There is nothing like making sure you take pictures and videos to have as a reminder of how you lived for adventure. When you get old you will want to show your grandkids that hey mama had a life to lol

This summer I am not straying to far from home I will be in Orlando twice this summer and Savannah once. I think that will be all the traveling we will do until December where we plan on going to the Biltmore Estates for the holidays. Next summer we plan on taking our first cruise ever so that should be fun. Do you go on road trips? Where have you been and what was the best thing about driving? If you don’t do road trips tell me what you plan on doing for your summer travels?

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