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I love Sams and Costco but I don’t love the price that I have to pay with them. Sams was good to me when I had babies but after I had them…I found that I no longer needed Sams. I prefer Costco as it has better meats but I knew that I could not travel to find stores anymore so I needed to find a way to save on gas and still have the products I want. A friend of mine told me about Boxed Wholesale last year and I tried them out thinking …it’s worth a try I probably won’t like them but hey it’s something new and worth a shot. I was in love!

Getting what I need with Boxed Wholesale

I loved how I got free shipping because of course they offer it to you if you go over $50…I mean if you are going to order less than $50 worth of stuff you might as well go to the store. I ordered on a Thursday and I had it on Saturday. I was shocked that they delivered on a Saturday but I did get it within 48 hours.

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I don’t have to cart it from the store to the car and then from the car to the house. I buy all of my dry goods that I can from Boxed. Here are some of the things that I get from Boxed

Toilet Tissue

Washing Powder

Dishwashing liquid

My Diapers (Maxi Pads) *They didn’t have the ones I used until recently so that is a true win win for me

Country Time Lemonade

Voss Water

Hand Towels

and other small items that do me good for when school starts

  • Order early so that you won’t be without your supplies. When I am on my last 5 rolls of toilet tissue I go ahead and reorder my stuff
  • They have a list of things that you have already bought so if you buy the same things all the time you don’t have to do anything just reorder what you’ve ordered before…easy peasy
  • Always check out the what’s new section…its a great way to keep up with new products
  • Some items come wrapped up so they don’t spill over into the box. I love this feature because who wants their dishwashing liquid to accidentally spill over into their country time.
  • The orders come within 48 hours. Best time to order is on a Tuesday and you will have all that you need by Friday at the latest
  • You can use paypal to order so I love that I didn’t have to go and hunt down my wallet, your info is saved!
  • Customer Service is excellent!

Getting what I need with Boxed Wholesale

Let’s talk about their customer service shall we. So I recently moved in April and I forgot to update my address. I ordered my usual at the end of May but never received it. I knew that they didn’t take that long so I was confused then thought oh no I forgot to update my address. I went online to the chat thing (great to have so that I can chat with a customer service person quickly) and told them that I ordered something and didn’t receive it because it went to the wrong address. They refunded my money back within minutes and I was able to re order and this time I corrected the address. No questions asked, no rude comments, no well that’s your fault not ours…nothing. I was refunded with 0 issues. That to me makes me a loyal customer because I know that if something goes wrong my fault or not they will do their best to take care of it.

When the hubs was alive he loved that it was convenient although they didn’t have his deodorant he thought it was a win win situation and loved that everything was delivered to the home. Now that I am a newly single mom I have to make sure that I use my time wisely and saving a trip to the store for simple household goods is something that I need..even more so now than ever before. The prices are no different than shopping in Sams or any other of those stores so there is nothing to compare. What are you waiting for? Go now and start saving with boxed….

PS…..they send you coupons in your email too that you can use towards your purchases….saving money….priceless!

Getting what I need with Boxed Wholesale

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