The first thing I needed to do when I moved was to clean my closets and get things organized. I wanted a closet system that could fit all of my clothes and look great. After doing some research I decided to go with the elfa system. Cost wise I knew I was going to be in for a doozy…..and boy was it a doozy but was it worth it is the question? Continue to read to find out…………………

When my hubs was alive and we had our first home we did a closet system ourselves via closets from Lowes. We loved the system but because we did it ourselves…it didn’t quite hold up to what we needed so we had to buy some extra plastic containers to put our stuff in. It was a hassle to have half of a closet done and then the rest of the closet was in plastic bins. Now don’t get me wrong it worked for the most part but I wanted something nice. Something that would last. At that time when I called around the starting price was over 3,000 I hung up quick because I was like who paying…..not I said the cat. Fast forward about 6 years later……I thought about those closets and said to myself…I deserve a nice closet because well….I deserve it…SHAT.

So the container store sends someone out to get an estimate. You will have to pay for the estimate which does not go towards your balance. Be prepared to shell out a couple dollars for that. Time is money and money is time so you will have to pay for them to come and measure and to go over what you want. I did set a budget to have my closets done, my office closet done, and my kids closet done. My budget was $3,000 I work hard for my money so I thought hmmmm surely I can get my closets done for under that price…right? Read on…………

IMG_9615 elfa closet system

As you can see there goes all of my shelves. The container store has someone that they use to come out and do all the work. The person I worked with was Dina…she was awesome. She answered all my questions and gave me options to make things cheaper.  If you want to get some closets done here is her info

Dina R. Smith, Life Coach and Professional Organizer
Facebook: Organized Life works
Phone : 678-358-0061

Here are some reasons why I wanted to get my closet organized

  • To get rid of the plastic containers
  • To have some type of uniform in my closet. I was tired of looking for stuff
  • Because I always wanted one…………..

When your closet is organized your entire life gets organized or at least a piece of it. My sons room is below…he now has space to put his boxers, socks, and other stuff that he collects.

IMG_9852 closet system

I got my daughters room identical except for maybe an extra space to hang things up because of course she’s a girl

elfa closet system

I even got my office closet done….I now have space for all of my photography gear, paperwork, and styled stock photo things that I collect.


My closet of course was the biggest one to get done and it cost the most money


Overall the experience was painless…except for that money part. So as I said my budget was $3,000 for 4 closets. Dina decided to add in the pantry closet..just in case I wanted it…damn her because now I want it but how much is this going to cost me. I won’t say the final price but yeah the total to get all my closets done went above and beyond $4,000. Was it worth it? YES! I don’t spend money so when I invest in something…I invest in something and I love that these closets grow with you and you can change things around because that makes it much easier to get a return on my investment. Think long and hard before you invest though because it can become pricey the good thing is though you can start and then finish when you can get some more moolah. I am happy with the final look and I am still unpacking. After unpacking my closet I discovered that I need more shelves so…yeah Dina will be getting called before Spring ends.

The Container store did not pay me for this nor did I receive anything for free. 

getting my closets organized

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