I have a lot of new readers so I wanted to reintroduce myself a little bit. Let’s start with my new logo!

its really kita

Big thank you to Studio 9 for this masterpiece! I do logos myself but thought it was best to step outside of myself and get someone else to do my logo. The logo is all me it still has my color of blue but I do have a touch of yellow. Why blue? Blue symbolizes trust and I want people to know that they can trust me. When I take photos trust that I will give you the best, when I do your social media marketing I will give you my best, when I do your logos….I take my time to give you a quality look. The palm tree represents where I am from….Charleston,SC. It’s a piece of me that I can’t deny!

My business cards have been ordered with that touch of yellow! The tide of blueish in the background represents the tide……with me you don’t know what the tide will bring in or rather you don’t know what Kita will say or do next. That’s the beauty of me…you gotta keep up I never follow the trends and I always do things my way!

its really kita

Oh I am taking some new pictures too you will have to wait for that lol. For now let’s get into who I am and some fun facts about me! I was asked a few questions over the past couple of months and I thought I would share my answers with you.

I notice that you cuss a lot in your posts. Do you think that you will offend anyone or that brands may not want to work with you because of your vocabulary? 

I have been cussing since I was 10 years old. My mother cussed a lot and I picked up her bad habit. I have tried to curb it but honestly….that’s just who I am. My favorite word is SHAT! I know how to cuss in a way that doesn’t take away from any brand that I am working with. I believe in being real. If a brand doesn’t want to work with me because of my cussing…then that’s them. I am who I am and any brand that works with me knows that they will get the real and raw me which is what my audience loves. If they want someone nice and cuddly….there are plenty of other blogs that will give them that.

What is your daily work schedule like? Do you have office hours?

I work from the time my feet hits the ground in the mornings. I drop my kids off for school and then by 8 I am in front of my computer. I take about an hour nap to make up for my late night time hours. I usually work better at nights because I am a night owl. After the kids go to bed at 9 I am up working until about 2 in the mornings. Then I get up at 5:30 to get kids ready so I don’t get a lot of sleep at night. I have tried working in the daytime but my body and mind doesn’t function until after 12pm. I do not have office hours….that’s why I love communicating through email. I can email someone anytime any day and they answer when they can. I work with people and everyone has different schedules. If I am off you will know I am off because I will let you know!

What’s your favorite outfit for a comfortable look? 

Sweats……..I am sorry I am a big girl and I have to be comfortable. I need to be able to move without the constriction of jeans. I need to get into odd positions for photography so I have to be able to move. T-shirt and sweats are my go to outfits. I wear them almost everyday unless I have an event or meeting to go to!

What’s your favorite dish to make on a busy weeknight?

Tacos….I can do beef, fish, shrimp, or chicken. I mix it up often. It’s easy to fix and quick. Plus it’s something that my kids actually eat!

What do you keep in your purse?

My camera, a wallet, some hand sanitizer, A bunch of receipts, a comb/brush, chapstick, lipgloss, and lose change. I care more about the camera than my wallet though….I think it’s because I am broke lol

What’s your favorite app? 

I love the todoist app. It’s my lifeline…..I can’t function without it. I use it to schedule what I need to do daily and I make sure that I am doing it!

You are hilarious. Does sense of humor play a big part in your life?

Yes. If you walk in my shoes you will either cry or laugh. I choose to laugh. It’s much easier and healthier. I don’t have time to sit and cry anymore. I did that for years

You lost your mother, grandmother, and husband. How do you keep going?

It’s tough. When I lost my mother and grandmother within 4 months of each other I went into a deep depression. I had no friends and I had lost just about all of my family members. It’s tough when you try to cope alone which is what I did. When I lost my husband though I had friends and a host of people who reached out to me which in turn helped me to cope better with his death. It makes a difference the company that you keep. I wrote a book that you can read for free to give you an insight on how I cope.

Will you ever get married again?

Nope. I think marriage is a one time thing that should only be attempted once. I am 99% sure I will never want to marry again. There is a .1% but that is slim you have to be a really special special man for me to change my mind.

What’s your favorite hobby? 

Photography which is why I don’t take it full scale to be a huge business. I do some work as a soloprenuer but I would never want to take it full scale. I like being on the smaller scale when it comes to photography!

What are some of the topics you talk about on your blog?

Business – I love small businesses and marketing. I have my degree in marketing so I have a soft spot for helping people and for diving into the business world. You will see a lot of real and funny articles about business because it’s a part of my life.

Travel – I have never been on a plane…yes I know (don’t judge me). I love to travel driving is my favorite because I get to stop in odd towns and see the scenery.

Food – I use to own a catering company in college it’s how I made my money. Those hungry college kids came to me and I had just learned how to cook about 6 months prior.

Parenting – I am a mom. I love my kids but I am not a fan of too many of them. I can only take 5 kids at a time and no hand babies they cry too much

Photography – I am going to be starting a series soon where I will be doing photography twice a month. Stay tuned for it!

Why did you rebrand your logo?

I needed something a bit more simpler and more branded. I wanted to focus on who I was and where I came from and I didn’t stray from my core colors. I also want to be known for me and who I am. That is what my clients and brands that I work with love……ME. I thought with the new branding it represented me a bit better

What’s your best advice for new small business owners?

Don’t follow the crowd and bring who you are into the forefront. There are 5 cupcakes on the corner that sell practically the same things. To compete…you have to make sure your story is out there. Why did you start your cupcake business, what value do you bring, who is the person behind the cupcake brand, how do you help others, why do people love you.  Those questions can sell you and help you bring the human touch to your brand. Connect people to who you are as a person before you sell them. If they love you….they will buy anything you sell.

I hope you got a chance to get to know me a bit better. Hope you like my new logo!

Get to know it's Really Kita




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