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Frustration comes when you are invested

March 27, 2016

Frustration means the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

People put a lot into things and become frustrated when things don’t turn out the way they want it to. I have been frustrated a time or two in my life…..okay maybe I have been frustrated over 50+ times in my life.

I was first frustrated when I could not pass the math part of my high school test. I aced the other parts but that math part ….. I could not get it together. I became frustrated having failed the math part twice. I was invested in my high school diploma because I knew it would get me somewhere and I had to get that math part.

I was frustrated when I went to college but ran out of money and could not find money to finish. I got private loans (don’t get them) and was able to finish but the frustration of applying and being turned down many times before something went through was overwhelming. I questioned whether I should even get my BA…did I need it, was it an investment?


When we put our all into something and things don’t pan out how we want them to we get frustrated. We put our time, energy, money into things and we get upset when we don’t have what we need. Everyone gets frustrated if you haven’t I question your human existence…….

If the stock market crashed I would not care. Why? Because I am not invested in it

If my marriage fails and I don’t love my husband I welcome the divorce. Why? Because I am no longer invested in it

If my job fires me……I will secretly be happy because I know I don’t want to be there….I am not invested in it because I know I don’t want to work on anyone else dreams.

Patience is something that you have to have when it comes to things. You will get frustrated when things don’t happen on your time. How can you ease frustration?

  • Change your attitude….easier said than done. If you can’t change your attitude change the way you think about your goals you will gradually be able  to change your attitude. Think new thoughts and your attitude should change with it if you be consistent with it
  • Do something to relieve your stress. Someone suggested boxing to me….I can get in shape and pretend someones head is the bag…….*side eye*
  • Meditate….I just started doing this. It’s calming to take some time everyday to yourself. I spend 15 minutes a day alone even if I have to hide in my closet from the kids. I turn off social media, phones, and tune the kids out. I pretend I am on the beach and I may or may not have a drink in my hand

If you find yourself frustrated take a look at why and think  will it matter 2 years from now. If it will then keep doing what you are doing. Frustration comes with the territory when you are trying to do better. Obstacles will pile up and people will get in your way. Some help you and some won’t but worry about your goals and what you need to do for yourself. Invest in things that will pay off and bring you happiness.

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