I live in sweats! Let me say that again…I LIVE IN SWEATS! It’s comfy, I can eat what I want without any tightening of the stomach and I can move around easier just in case you know…I gotta run from a bear or something. This summer however I can’t stay in sweats due to the fact that I have three conferences to attend. I am a speaker at Mom 2.0 in May, I am going to BlogHer in June, and I am going to a photography conference in July. I would love to be in my sweats but there is a time and a place for everything and this summer I have to up my wardrobe. So how does a girl go from sweats to dressed…….its hard.

First I need to change up my colors…..I wear a lot of black, grey, and light grey…..lol I am very seldom in color. I am kind of scared of color because you just never know what may look good on me. Not all colors look good on everyone. So I know I have to update my colors. I am going to start with a little purple….start small with something a little pastel and then go from there. I like to pick colors that I don’t have in my closet. I have a lot of burgundy (my favorite color) but that is kind of winterish so I know I need to go a little brighter for the summer. Give myself some pop!

Second I need to get some jewelry…..now I love a good statement piece. It can make an entire outfit go from drab to fab real quick. I actually like jewelry and that is not such a pain to pick out and wear.

Third…..I need some cute shoes. I will not wear heels….I repeat I will not wear heels. A good flat I will do. I normally stick to the basic colors of brown and black but this year I am going to add a little color in the shoe department.

For the summer I like shorts. I actually love my legs more than anything on my body so I always show those off the most. I am a big girl and I am not comfortable showing off my arms so I always wear a jacket/sweater to cover them up. I like lose shirts because you know….my tummy lol. So I shop with all those in mind when I go to stores.

I am a big girl! So I love to shop at Lane Bryant! The one thing I love about Lane Bryant is the fact that you will get good quality clothing. I hate cheap clothes or things that will tear and ruin in the wash so quickly. Lane Bryant has never ever let me down! Since I have to dress for Mom 2.0 I decided to see what I could find to wear….I carried my stylist with me (shout out to Mimi for the advice and video)

You can find the video here! Make sure you subscribe to my channel

In the video I tried on a skirt. I haven’t worn a skirt in about 8 years so I was a little nervous but I think I will lay off of skirts and dresses for now and stick to what works for me. When it comes to fashion here are my tips

  • Wear what makes you comfortable don’t wear anything that makes you feel out of place
  • Don’t worry about what others say. Dress for you and only you
  • You don’t have to follow the trend or do what everyone else is doing. Fashion is about making a statement that doesn’t fit the norm
  • Shop at places that have quality clothing. You will pay more but I promise you it will last a lifetime
  • Don’t be afraid of color and start small. I started with purple but by the end of the shopping trip you see that I bought that bright jacket
  • Mix and match pieces and make sure you have shoes for each one
  • Try on your clothes…I know this one is the hardest for me to but some outfits don’t fit the same as others
  • Carry someone with you if you are unsure about what works

My daughter and I had a blast trying on clothes and we can’t wait to show you the final look it may or may not be in the video lol

This post was sponsored by Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own! 


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