What do you get when you mix moonshine and farm to table fresh ingredients…..Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

We went to Orlando on our vacation a few weeks ago and decided to take a trip to Disney Springs a cool place that has all things disney without the rides. I love Disney Springs especially the food options. They have so many options that’s its hard to choose just one. So my family and I decided to check out Homecomin’. We asked some of the workers what they recommend and they said to eat there so we took them up on their advice. The atmosphere was nice and we learned that a lot of their ingredients came from local farms right in the area…..that’s what I like to hear.

I loved that they had an open concept to see how your food is cooked and prepared any place that has that is a winner! My Aunt and I were eying that cake in that upper right corner on the picture above and wondered if we can just have that and dip out…but no the kids wanted food lol. We sat down pretty quickly and decided to see what they had to offer.

Of course they take your drinks first so we thought we would have some sweet tea. They boast that this is a southern kitchen…well the sweet tea needs to be the best southern tea I have had. Was it? You betcha ass it was! OMG first tea since I was in Florida that didn’t require me to add extra sugar. They get a +1 on that end

While he brought our tea I decided to take a look around and see what everyone else was having so I could decide on what to get. I loved that there were so many varieties of foods that I couldn’t tell what was the favorite and what wasn’t. We decided to start off with an appetizer the hushpuppies. Now I was not a fan of the sauce but I was a fan of the hush puppies by themselves.

Let’s talk about the place shall we. It has a nice atmosphere that wasn’t to uppity but it wasn’t a place you could just go in and wear anything you wanted. I loved that it looked like you were on your front porch. The light in there spoke to my photographers eyes so much! Did you all know that Chef Art Smith was Oprah’s private chef….yasssss I was just that much closer to Oprah through the food lol. They had moonshine also. Now Moonshine is something that I am familiar with growing up in Charleston,SC of course I had some before I was of age…if you grew up in the country with older grandparents that’s just what you did….drink a little moonshine lol. I love their motto…If food is love, then Moonshine is Magic….I totally agree. I loved the atmosphere of this place and I couldn’t wait to order.

My son and my Aunt had the Fried chicken plate

My daughter had a burger that was juicy as hell

And of course I had a salad because I am trying to be good

So let’s talk about the food

My son said the chicken was so good he didn’t eat the mashed potatoes but couldn’t stop raving about the chicken…I tasted some and yep…he was correct. The chicken with a little hot sauce..that was on the table btw….a 10

My daughters burger was so messy we had to get some extra napkins. Her verdict…mom better than Five Guys…and we eat a lot of Five Guys lol. I had a bite of her burger and some of her chips but she told me to eat my Salad and be good. The burger….a 20 (on a scale of 1-10)

Now my salad …I didn’t like the dressing. It was a homemade ranch style dressing that wasn’t the ranch I was accustomed to. I would give the salad a 6. Overall I should have asked if they had another dressing and tasted it before I poured it on. I did eat a couple of bites but didn’t finish it.

The entire experience made up for the salad though. I loved to openness and the sweet tea…did I mention that. Would I visit again? Yep I would but next time I will opt for the burger lol.

  • The food isn’t expensive but I did spend about 70 bucks for everything
  • I don’t know if they had dessert as we were never offered a dessert menu but judging by that cake I know they probably had one
  • You don’t have to dress going in but you need to look decent. It’s upscale but not fancy upscale
  • Order the sweet tea…trust me I know my sweet tea
  • Get the biscuits…notice I didn’t mention those…..you will see why I kept that part on the hush
  • Go in the daytime so you can see the awesomeness of the lights

Have you been to Disney’s Springs? What’s your favorite restaurant out there? Which dinner would you choose…the salad, the burger, or the chicken?


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