The Freelance world is growing and growing by the droves. People are looking for ways to supplement their income and to make more money. Jobs are still scarce even thought they say the market is doing well. Freelance work can consist of so many things. From blog content, to helping people with their emails, to doing small office tasks to help out busy business owners. I myself do freelance work in terms of social media management for clients. My clients range from small businesses to top businesses and everything in between. On average freelancers make anywhere between 20,000 to 50,000 dollars a year….yep just doing small tasks for a number of people.

Most freelancers are on their own. Very seldom do I see them working for others. You can find freelancers on a number of sites including,, and of course There are pros and cons to working with freelancers. You want to find the best one that fits your niche or fits your style because just hiring anyone can be …….let’s say not so good. Not everyone will fit what you are looking for. In my world I call freelancers Virtual assistants because most work remotely to help others out. I love the fact that I can hire someone in another country to do work that needs to be done without having an actual office for them. There are pros and cons however to doing freelancing work and hiring others to do work for you.

Pros: I have 3 Virtual Assistants yes 3. I have each one doing different things. One of my assistances lives in another country and she is awesome. She keeps me on point with broken links, making sure I have pictures for each of my blog posts, and making sure she shares relevant content to my audience. Many Virtual Assistants can check your emails for you and keep that down, others can take photos for you, and some can run your social media for you. Virtual Assistants usually charge by the hour or by the job or even by the day. I prefer a set price for Virtual Assistants, tell me what it is you charge for each thing because I can’t do the hourly thing. Some don’t even take an hour to do simple tasks so why do I need to pay by the hour. Uber is a huge Freelance gig that has taken over…I think it’s safe to say that Taxi drivers may soon be a thing of the past as more and more people look for ways to make money.

  • Fast money
  • You can do most things remotely
  • You set your hours
  • You can work on a variety of things
  • You get to be your own boss
  • The money is fabulous if you have a lot of clients and you are good at what you do

Cons: While I do love all of my VA’s it took me a while to find the three I have. I had to go through many bad apples to get some good ones. If you are a particular person who likes things done a certain way my suggestion is to do it yourself. I do not micro manage my VA’s I tell them what I want done and they do it. You want to hire someone who you really don’t have to tell things too. They know…which is why it took me a while to find people. Don’t forget I do Virtual Assistant work too and I can tell you first hand it’s tough when you are dealing with so many different personalities and people. Some you will please and others you just won’t.

  • You have to know how to manage your time. If you aren’t a multitasker or you can’t do multiple things at once…Freelance may not be for you
  • There is no security in freelance work……this is by far the biggest downfall. Clients can up and fire you at anytime or find someone cheaper. As a social media marketer I have clients that will get their teenagers to take over accounts because they don’t want to pay anyone to do things. Money can be steady and then all of a sudden drop off. Now let me be frank…no job offers security unless you work for a job that has a union. You can be let go from any job freelance or not. The only difference with a real job is that it’s steady income vs busting your butt to get clients.
  • You don’t own your work…..this depends on what type of freelance you are doing. If you do creative work it’s not yours any longer. It belongs to the client that paid you.

If you decide to get into freelance work make sure you know that it won’t be steady and you need to take into account the times where you won’t have money coming in. Always have a backup plan because it will happen especially as more and more people get into the Freelance world.

Do you do freelance work? If so do you like it? Would you hire a VA?

Freelance work is the new way to make money

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