I have been waiting for Finding Dory for some time. If you have seen Finding Nemo you have been waiting for Finding Dory….I wanted to see it more than the kids. What I loved most about the movie is that it teaches us that everyone is different and we are all trying to find ourselves. I know people in their 40’s who still can’t find them or what their passion is. So here are some lessons that I learned in Finding Dory that I can apply to myself.

We are all different – I know that I cuss a lot and I use to be ashamed…until I accepted that it was me. I know that I don’t wear makeup at all and I don’t wear heels. I am different and unique and that is okay. Being different means that they talk about you more. If people aren’t talking about you then you are just blending in with the crowd. Don’t blend in!

Talk to people – What I loved in the movie is that Dory talked to everyone no matter what. Do you know that so much can be solved if we just talk to people instead of assuming things about them. Don’t be afraid of how big someone is or the color of their skin. Talk to people it doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with them you don’t have to argue just state your opinion and respect theirs. You never know what connections you can make if you talk to people.

No one is perfect – Yes she has a disability but she still found a way through that. I don’t know about you but only God is perfect. We all have something that is wrong with us. Some people can see on the outside and for some of us it’s things on the inside. Don’t dwell on your weakness it’s a waste of time. Instead dwell on what you are good at and excel at that. Make your weakness something that you put into the back of your mind and put your strengths to the forefront. Dory told everyone about her weakness but she never let it stop her from finding her parents…..Never. So many of us use our weakness as an excuse to not do what we need to do in order to succeed.

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Real Friends matter – I don’t have any family since most of my family has died. So I have to rely on friends. During the 4th of July weekend my son asked me why we don’t have any family and why it’s just my friends who come over for holidays. I had to explain to him that my friends are my family. Make sure you have real friends who lift you up. Sure we gossip but that’s only 5% of our conversation the rest of our convo is used to make sure we are getting to the money or how can we lift each other up. What do you need type of questions. You can’t run a business alone and you can’t raise kids alone you need someone. If you don’t have family then make your friends your family. You can tell a lot about a person by the crowd they keep.

Follow your heart – What the mind forgets the heart remembers. Dory’s heart lead her to her family. People always say go with your gut but sometimes I say go with your heart….it may break, it may lead you to the wrong thing but there is a lesson that you will learn when you follow your heart. If you haven’t had your heart broken into pieces you haven’t lived. Live and allow your heart to be broken even if it’s just for a little while. Sometimes God breaks us so that we can find who we are.

Believe in yourself – Dory had a disability that should have made it near impossible for her to find her family but she believed in the number one thing that found her parents……HERSELF. If we don’t believe in ourselves then we can’t expect others to believe in us. You are your number one hero, you are the only person who should be competing with you, you are the only person who has to walk in your shoes.

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If you have faith and believe you can do anything. Trust me….I was told that I can’t take photos and that I shouldn’t classify myself as a photographer because my photos suck….because I believe in me and I have faith that I can and will get better what the person said fell on deaf ears.

Find a way or make one – We can come to dead end sometimes and think that their isn’t another way out of situations but sometimes if we step back and view it from another angle we can find a way. My alma mater (Clark Atlanta University) had a motto that I loved find a way or make one. If you can’t find a way…create your own way. A dead end isn’t always a dead end sometimes we have to take a rake or some type of tool and create a new pathway. Make a path if yours seem to come to an end.

You can’t control everything – In the end of the movie Dory wanted to go out on her own and Marlin didn’t trust that she could do it so he followed her to make sure. Sometimes we want to control the outcome of things when we need to let it take it’s course. I learned this lesson right before the hubs died. We were going through something and I wanted to control the outcome. I was trying to run things when all I had to do was let things run it’s course and they turned out better than expected in the end. Learn to let things go and trust the end results. Sometimes you can get in the way of your blessings if you continue to insert your beliefs and control.

The movie had so many lessons in it but the number one lesson that I got overall is to trust who you are. Have you seen Finding Dory? What did you learn from the movie?

How finding Dory can help us find ourselves

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