Social media is one of those musts when running any business. However, it can be extremely hard to devote a plausible amount of time to each one because there are so dang many of them. Honestly, there are some that aren’t worth the added work. Be sure to have a presence as many forms of social media as possible but don’t kill yourself trying to be the top on everyone because some just don’t bring in the attention they need whether you’re the bomb on it or not.

Two of the top social media sites to be super active on are Instagram and Facebook. Both of these provide amazing opportunities and exposure if utilized correctly. There are some pros and cons to each though. One might be easier in a specific area than the other, and so on and so forth. Here are a few of the plus and minuses of Facebook and Instagram in comparison with each other.


Instagram definitely wins out in this category. It’s simple; you post a picture, add the right hashtags, and seek to grow your followers through liking other people’s photos and following them. The algorithm is really not that difficult to grasp. Although Facebook has more options for putting your business and its information out there, it’s quite a bit more complicated with its algorithm and has far more details to keep up on.


Facebook gets the trophy for this category because if you can find anything, you would find it on Facebook. There are countless ways to connect on Facebook. Pages, messages, comments, groups, business pages, all these are wonderful tools for reaching your intended audience. Instagram, although great for some things, is not the best for diverse options in connecting with people. It’s limited to hash tags, direct messages, or photos. This is not the easiest way to get traffic to your business.

Over the Top

Facebook can be really cluttered sometimes. Outside of that, it can be annoying if too much spammy stuff from friends, pops up in your newsfeed. It feels like there is too much going on when you get on Facebook so it can feel a little overwhelming. Instagram keeps it simple and instead of being bombarded with quizzes, links, ads, etc. you’re just looking at one long list of photos. This is also why Pinterest is so popular as well. It’s much easier for the brain to comprehend and take in when it’s a simple photo instead of a photo, a long description, a million comments and likes, a link to go to the full article, etc. A picture is worth a thousand words and I think Instagram pulls in users based on the simplicity of being all pictures, alone.

Overall, Instagram and Facebook seem to cover different areas but the areas they do cover are covered well. In my opinion, Facebook and Instagram are both social media sites you should be spending a lot of your time on. They seem to complete each other and both offer great connections in different ways.

Facebook vs Instagram. Which one is better?

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