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Do you waste food?

March 27, 2016

My trash goes out on Wednesday mornings. On Tuesday evenings I am cleaning out my fridge. I am throwing away bottles of salad dressings or bags of cheese or bread that have already expired. On average I throw out about 40 bucks worth of food every Tuesday evening. As I throw it out I say to myself look at this food I am wasting…..some people don’t even eat 40 dollars of food in a month and here I am wasting money and food. Some foods are leftovers that never get eaten. I personally love leftovers but sometimes I forget their in the fridge or there is not enough for my family of  so I end up cooking something new.

do you waste food

Do you think companies trick us into throwing out food with their expiration dates?

I don’t eat a lot of bread. I normally buy it to fix sandwiches for the kids. A lot of times we would have a half of a loaf for over a week. I look at the date on the bread and it passed about 2 days before. The bread is semi hard but still good enough to eat. What do we do? Throw it out and buy new fresh bread only to do the same thing again that next week. Bread where I live is about 1.50 so that money is going down the drain.

On average 20 families throw out enough food to feed over 500 people a week. How can we stop this? Here is what my family and I are going to start doing

  • Only fix enough for one dinner. If there is leftover it is used for a snack or for lunch for someone the next day or eaten at breakfast. (sure chicken for breakfast…why not)
  • Make sure I only buy what is needed. I have started going to bakeries and doing only a half loaf of bread. That lasts me the entire week. I grocery shop once a week anyway so I just keep it on my list to pick up every week. If I can’t buy a half loaf I share the other half with a friend or my neighbor who has 4 kids to feed.
  • Fresh fruits – they go bad so much I am afraid to buy them so what I do is make smoothies with them or freeze them to make a lemonade or some type of drink. Only buy a few fruits at a time. I buy 3 peaches for one week that way its eaten up in a timely manner. If I am doing a salad I eat it up the next day with my dinner or eat it for lunch never going over two days.
  • I buy lettuce/tomatoes for my tacos and hamburgers from the deli they can put how much you need in a small bag and you don’t’ waste anything by buying an entire bag of lettuce or a whole tomato
  • I buy the frozen veggies which my kids only eat the broccoli and corn variety. I love the bags you can pop in the microwave and its ready.

Can you think of ways to not waste food? On average how much food do you waste a month?

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