I have a lot of pet peeves but today I will only talk about 15…..yep I have a lot but these 15 I just can’t stand.

  1. Wearing a white bra with a white shirt – *sigh* I know it’s hard to find black bras…trust me….I wear size H and I can hardly find them. They either sell out quickly or they don’t make them in black. Like really I don’t want any pink bras I don’t even like the color pink. I had to get a cream one the other day which I do wear those with my dark clothes. I also have a turquoise one that I had to break down and buy because the black one they had was sold out……Please stop wearing white bras with white shirts or anything see through. I am not a fan and I will frown my face at you
  2. Cutting through traffic speeding and you ain’t going nowhere. – Where are you going? We are in traffic. It doesn’t matter if you get in the far right lane, stay in the middle or come from the far left cut to the far right and snatch in yourself in the middle. I will still catch up to you in a minute or two because neither of us are going anywhere.
  3. When parents look good but the child looks a hot mess – This boils me over. How can you look like you are walking a runway and the child looks like her hair hasn’t been combed in 5 years. I am the opposite my kids look good whenever we go out and I look like I just got my clothes from the streets. I know I should do better with myself and I am working on that but my kids will not be looking a hot ass mess.
  4. When I can’t get space in the line – I was in the bank line the other day….I normally don’t go into the bank because really for what. The machine outside didn’t have any money left so I had to go inside. The person behind me was all up on me like back the hell up….SHAT. I also hate when I am in the grocery line and the person just looking at the keypad with me like ….are you going to pay…if not back the hell up
  5. Speaking of groceries….people who argue about whats on sale – I know some people are anal about their money and sale prices but if you get in the line and the price didn’t ring up right please take that mess over to customer service. You are holding up the line for something you probably got the wrong size of and if it was a mistake then they will refund your money at the counter. Don’t hold up the line for something that was a 10 cent difference I will give you the 10 cents.
  6. People who correct me – Yes I know what too, to, and two are. Yes I know how to use their and there but what if I don’t want two *side eye*. Why do you have to correct me. If you don’t like the way I use my words then don’t follow me. Why do people have to correct you? Why does it matter how I say my words or what context I use them in? Maybe where I am from it’s the way I speak. I am geechee so we speak in broken english. Do you correct spanish people or people from other cultures? Understand where I am from before you correct what I say. I don’t understand a thing Jamaican people say but I would never correct them.
  7. When people don’t use their blinkers – Let’s define what a blinker is…..One that blinks, especially a light that blinks in order to convey a message or warning. So why when you are getting ready to turn you don’t put one on…..I keep a car length in between me and another car just in case the person in front of me doesn’t use their blinker. Don’t you hate when people turn and you have no warning.
  8. User or password name incorrect – So which one dammit. That’s why I use three passwords for everything. I have a easy one, difficult one, and one with a bunch of stuff in it. I would like to know which one …is it really hard to let me know which one?
  9. Unexpected visitors – Don’t come to my house without calling first. If you are in the neighborhood and you stop by my house and you didn’t call first I will peek at you through my window and not answer my door. Ask my hubs co workers. They tried me the other day and I looked right at them through my window…are you going to open the door….did you call first….then no I won’t open the door. They stood out there for at least 10 minutes before I opened and then I didn’t let them in we stood outside. You better call me before you come!
  10. Don’t tell me how old your toddler is in months – When I ask someone how old their baby is and they tell me 27 months…..I can’t calculate that fast just say he two. Your child is not a cheese they don’t need to be aged just say one or two. The only time you should say months is if they are under one years old.
  11. People who act so sweet but they are the biggest devils – I know a few people like this…they are so sweet on the outside and so mild mannered but starts the most shat. They are known to be so sweet but will stab you in the back…..and then smile sweetly and quote a bible verse
  12. People who brag – So I detest bragging. You won’t know what I got unless you see it with your own eyes. I don’t tell people what I have because I hate bragging. I also don’t like people to bring up what I have in other conversations. If I just bought an expensive purse (you won’t know unless you went shopping with me) and then you mention this purse in the conversation that has nothing to do with the said purse I immediately light into you and will cuss you out.
  13. People who hear what others say but ignored you when you said the same thing – I told someone the other day their logo was not appealing…..a week later they came to me and said you know what Kita such and such said that my logo wasn’t appealing so I think I am going to get someone to do it for me (I did not do the original logo nor was offering to do the new one) but…..didn’t I just say about a week ago that your logo was not appealing…so what I said went in one ear and what the other person said stuck with you huh
  14. When people act like they didn’t get your call, text, or email – People live with their phones…..I don’t trust anyone who says they didn’t get my call or text or email. That means you didn’t want to be bothered and you are ignoring me. I can read between the lines so I only ask people 3 times to do something after the third strike you are out
  15. People who don’t have any fight in them – I have been depressed before so I know that life can get you down but you can’t stay there for 10 years. At some point you have got to get up and fight again or you will amount to nothing. Stop complaining and get up and do something about it! If your husband doesn’t want to help you with the kids eff him and do for your own kids and find a babysitter willing to help out, if you don’t have any money and can’t find a job….make one. Sell something! If you want your blog to be the shat…..then content is king. You better be writing a post no less than 3 times a week or don’t complain when your blog doesn’t blow up and you aren’t making any money. You can be down…just don’t stay there.

What are some of your pet peeves? List them in the comments!

Do you have any pet peeves?

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