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Corporate America…will it make you wealthy?

October 12, 2016

I saw this post the other day about working for Corporate America vs. Working for yourself. It was about the new movie out NWA which I have not seen. Will Corporate America make you wealthy?

Most people will go see this movie and miss the whole damn revolution. Before we even get into the actual movie itself, I want you to first see how Ice Cube entrepreneurship allows him to basically turn his son into a instant success and movie star literally overnight because he owns his brand and he gifted his son the role. Second I want you to pay attention to how Ice cube walked away from $75k cash to chase his own dreams and Dr. Dre did the same thing by walking and leaving his own money with Shug knight and Death row. Many of you would never had done that because you can’t let a two week check go… You always looking for the guarantee. There is no guarantee in entrepreneurship however there is one in corporate America and that’s to walk away after 40 years of giving your very best youthful years to a company that you don’t own… Again I’m not saying having a job is the worst thing in the world… I’m saying having a job with no plan or no desire to ever have your own is a disgrace to your family’s legacy. In everything you do, u must fight for ownership. Would you rent a house all your life?? Of course not!! So why do you rent your job?? plan your work and WORK YOUR PLAN..  Damian Tucker


Let’s talk about this for a minute. Do you think that owning your own business is the way to go? I have always been a person that never wanted to work for others. I never wanted to make others rich so I made sure that if I did work I would put most of the money into my own business. Let’s look at some key points from above and then revisit the question will Corporate America Make you rich

  • If you worked for a top company could you bring your son/daughter on board to work for the company without a degree or experience or would they give the role to someone else who has that degree or experience? I think some companies if you have been there long enough you may be able to bring your child on board without going through a lot of red tape but the majority of companies want some type of experience. Ice Cube’s son never acted but was given the role based on who is father is. His father’s ownership of his own brand and business allowed him to basically come into a roll with no experience.
  • Walking away from 75k cash to chase your own dream….hmmm how many of you make that a year? I have never ever been in the position to make even close to that at a job. Some people will chase that 75k a year or die trying but after taxes are taken out, health insurance, 401k, and other expenses how much are you really left with? You get up every morning and do the same thing day in and day out. Working hard for that money but complain everyday you go to work that you can’t take off every time you want too. Or complain that you have to miss something because you have to work. Would I walk away from 75k to pursue my own dream? Yes, if I truly believed in it and I knew I had the talent to succeed. I also need to know I have a support system that will encourage me and have my back at all times.
  • Can you leave your job for your kids or grand kids? I truly wanted to own my own business so that I can leave something to my kids. I want to leave a legacy I want them to know that you can work for yourself and leave something behind for generations to come. Most people who own their own business will leave the business to their kids and they will groom them to take over. Meanwhile, your child has to work hard to even get to where you are in the company. I doubt if companies will hand your child the reigns before they hand their kids it.
  • Would you rent a house your whole life? Hell to the NAW. Why would you do that? I use to rent for years and when my hubs died I finally took the plunge and bought a home. I do not want to be wasting money and giving to other people when I can give to myself and have a place of my own…granted when you pay mortgage you don’t really own it until it’s finished being paid for but you can work towards ownership. I was paying almost 1000 for rent here in Atlanta…money that could be going towards my own home.

Corporate America is great and I don’t think everyone has it in them to be entrepreneurs. Some people are happy working for others while some are happy working for themselves. Now I ask you this…Do you know anyone that is wealthy that works for someone else? Most wealthy people have their own business. I asked my husband before he died if you work for Kraft company can you own a plane? His explanation was” Work for Corporate America stack your money and then take that money and invest in your own business. Take what you learn and go off and do your own thing”

Corporate America…will it make you wealthy?

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    October 12, 2016 at 6:44 am

    Really enjoyed this post. It gets you thinking about your future and what you plan to do. Knowledge is power

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