It’s hard coming up with specific things to write about or talk about. If you are a niche blogger you can pretty much find some things but it’s still hard. I have social media clients that look to me to find content for their blog or social media outlets. So…..where do I get the content from? Several sources and here are a few that I use……..

  1. Quora – ask a question…come up with ideas to execute a great blog post. Businesses can use this platform to give their expert advice. Bloggers can use this platform to come up with great blog posts
  2. Inbound – If you don’t market yourself…how will people know who you are. Use this tool to stay on top of marketing trends for your business and blog
  3. Alltop– You need popular stories…right at your fingertips. Nothing says traffic like keeping up with the latest in stories and tying it into your business or blog topic
  4. Right Relevance – You can make sure your posts get put on this platform for others to see and you can also type in a keyword and get loads and loads of topics to share or ideas for topics to write about. I use this platform heavily for my social media clients.
  5. Meme Generator – Who wants to be so serious all the time? I know my clients appreciate a little humor from time to time. Here is a tip: try to tailor the meme to something current that’s going on within the industry of your business or blog. If you come up with a good one it can drive thousands your way
  6. – My favorite content creation tool. I have used them for my clients and normally when I do….it drives traffic like you wouldn’t believe. A third party info graphic tool….hire them to do all of your visuals. This is great for blogs or businesses but I love them for businesses because you want to have great visuals of info for your specific niche.
  7. Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – I use to get emails from them regularly but I don’t anymore anwyhoo you can get lots of ideas for blog posts from their emails. What I love is that it’s current and it’s what people are looking for. Pick a topic and write about it
  8. Pinterest – You would be surprised by the many topics you can get from Pinning. I have a secret board that I use for topics for my websites. I call it the topic generator board. If I see something on Pinterest that peeks my interest I save it and then do some research and make it my own.
  9. Flipboard – I get lots of business topics from this platform. I run through stuff once a week and if I see a topic that I like…I pocket it in my pocket reader thingy (that’s what I call it) and then go back to it at a later date to write on it.
  10. Good ole fashion Feedly – So I save a lot of my favorite blogs in my reader to read (over 60). I am not a fan of copying and pasting others but I do love some of the topics and you can twist some to make them your own. Research your industry and follow a couple of blogs that fit who you are or even who you want to be. Study what they write about, but use your own voice. I saw a post the other day about Spring drinks….to make it my own I did a post about Spring drinks that involve Strawberries only.

However you find your content….make sure you that you have content. Traffic to your site is crucial as social media is unpredictable and not reliable. If you have good content people will want to read what you have to say. Don’t let people tell you blogging is dead…it’s only dead if your content is boring and doesn’t stand with the times. You have to make sure you stay current and tailor your posts to fit whats going on in the world.

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