I don’t know about you but I like a good burger. With that being said I only eat burgers at a sit down restaurant …yeah I know weird but true. If I do anything fast it will be five guys. When we think about good food we want the best…we want what tastes good. We want to make sure we pay for good quality food. If you want the good food you gotta pay the good money. Good food don’t come cheap! I love longhorn lawd knows I do and their steak is good…but if you want a good steak that costs just a bit more you will have to check out Brio Tuscan Grille! When I think of a steak I think of something that my butter knife can slice right through. I like my steak medium well more on the medium side but just right! But we aren’t here to talk about steak we are here to talk about good food! Here is how I know the restaurant serves good food….

  • I look at the score before I sit down to eat…this tells me a lot. If it’s below a 90 I won’t eat there. Sorry but not sorry. I need the place where I spend my hard earned money to care about passing the scores
  • The staff. Some waiters are just mad….they are mad for no good reason. They seat you mad…they ask if you want to hear about the specials mad. They are just ….mad. How a restaurant treats their employees tells a lot about the establishment
  • What’s on the menu. What are they offering on their menu? What types of appetizers do they have? What type of bread and butter do they bring to the table…..

Which brings us to the new menu that Brio Tuscan Grille has but only for a limited amount of time

What better way is there to kick off 2017 than with more flavor? Merging their chefs’ creativity with the high-quality cuisine for which they are renowned, BRIO Tuscan Grille Atlanta locations at Buckhead and Perimeter Mall are bringing new seasonal flavors to its guests with “Flavorful Features,” available daily from Jan. 10–Feb. 28. The features are available on the dinner menu at BRIO locations across the nation.
Guests can enjoy the following delightful dishes on the “Flavorful Features” menu:
Burrata & Prosciutto Bruschetta: Red peppers, mayonnaise, sea salt, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and parsley ($11.95)

Chicken Saltimbocca Risotto: Provolone, crispy pancetta, fried sage, and butternut squash risotto ($16.95)
Sea Scallops & Ratatouille Risotto: Seared sea scallops served over risotto with roasted eggplant, red peppers, zucchini, tomato compote, basil and Reggiano ($21.95)
Crab Stuffed Shrimp & Broiled Maine Lobster Tail: Orzo, farro, zucchini, red peppers, asparagus, and lemon butter sauce ($25.95)

Butterscotch Budino: Italian for “pudding,” this dish features Marcona almonds, caramel, and vanilla whipped cream ($3.95)
The perfect complements to the “Flavorful Features” are delicious wines. These include:
Sketchbook Pinot Noir: A light, fruity and elegant red blend (Mendocino, California) ($9.95/glass)
Benzinger Family Wintery Chardonnay: A lush and silky wine (Sonoma, California) ($9.95/glass)

“Variety provides the flavor of life,” said BRIO Tuscan Grille Chef & Culinary Director Alison Peters. “At BRIO, we are happy to present our limited time ‘Flavorful Features,’ and give our guests the opportunity to enjoy even more unique dishes that offer a special culinary twist.”
Guests can now make reservations online for all BRIO restaurants by visiting www.BrioItalian.com

My kids and I went to visit the Buckhead Brio a few weeks ago to check out their new menu. Let’s start off with the appetizer!

If you get the above make sure you also get the Lobster Bisque soup….I promise you….it’s so good you will wanna take some home and just eat in a safe place (away from kids)

From the new Flavorful Features menu we had the lobster…correction…my son had the lobster. As soon as they put the lobster down on the table it was gone….I promise you I was savoring my soup and the next thing I know….it’s gone…..*cries*

The entire crab…how it tasted I will never ever know. That’s why you can’t take kids with you to a good place to eat because they eat it…they don’t savor it, they don’t take their time and dive into each piece they just eat the whole thing in one gulp. If you take your kids they have a kids menu but I promise you they won’t want the kids menu…or is it just my kids?

I love good food and I will pay good money for it. I know the expense of good food comes at a cost but what we put in our bodies should be important. What are some of your favorite places to eat at that serve good quality food?

Brio Tuscan Grille hosted me in exchange for my review! All opinions are my own! 

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