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8 Tips for picking the right vacation

April 18, 2017

Going on vacation every summer is the highlight of my year. I absolutely love planning what the kids and I will do and how we will spoil ourselves. Not all vacations fit us though. Iโ€™ve tried the cruise thing. Although it can be fun for the adults, unless you go on a Disney cruise, it can get pretty boring for the kids. The thing is though, when we…

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A weekend in Atlanta

November 17, 2016

My weekends are either jam packed or filled with laziness. There is no in between there is no compromise. I always either schedule a bunch of stuff or I have a non crank up weekend. For the past 3 weekends….it’s been jam packed. I think I will finally be free the weekend after next. I live for my weekends because it’s the only time I am not ripping…


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