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Three Business-Building Strategies That Will Keep Your Company Growing

February 15, 2017

Most company leaders want their companies to attain excellent conversion rates, a bigger base of loyal clients, an increasing sphere of influence, and more industry authority. If you’re ready to attain these signs of company growth, now is the time to start thinking and acting in a strategic manner. Below you will find three business-building strategies that can get your company on the path to tremendous growth: 1.…

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How do you find clients on social media?

August 31, 2016

Finding clients on social media may not be as easy as finding them in person but it definitely allows you to have connections to bigger companies as well as more likeminded people. With the click of a button, you can connect with thousands of people in your same interest area all over the world which is a pathway to bigger opportunities than random, chance happenings in person. In…

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Instagram 101

August 24, 2016

I was looking at an account the other day that had 32,000 followers but was averaging only around 60-100 likes per picture. Odd……I mean if 32,000 people are following you shouldn’t you have at least 1,000+ more likes on each of your pictures. I don’t get it….now I know Instagram has changed it’s algorithm but come on….Right now I have about 2,000 followers and I usually get around…

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Here’s what I know about social media

August 10, 2016

Social media is great isn’t it. We can connect with our audiences, we can meet people all over the world, we can sell things, we can look at pretty pictures, we can essentially make millions just off of social media. I have been in the social media space for quite some years learning, growing, and most of all listening. I run a few social media accounts for businesses…


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