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It’s Life

It's Life

Check your Bills + Wed Links

January 24, 2018

So I got my bill for Jan from my car insurance company been with them for over 15 yrs never have too many problems with them this is maybe like my 4th problem in the last 15 yrs. To me, that’s an excellent record. I normally don’t look at my bill because it’s the same thing every month but Zaza got a hold of it and said she…

It's Life

Don’t settle for safe

January 22, 2018

You all know I love to read and every time I finish a book I give my highlights from the book. I finished up Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts (T.D. Jakes daughter) and I was amazed by what I learned that I had to apply it to 2018. Make sure you get yourself a copy of the book off of Amazon. So let’s dive into…

It's Life

What are you addicted to?

January 19, 2018

We all are addicted to something. Some of us acknowledge it and others don’t. I will tell you what I’m addicted too at the end of this post but let’s talk about some common addictions. Drugs, Food, and Alcohol are the common forms of addictions. We all know someone that is addicted to one of these things. I had a conversation with a friend the other day and…

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