It’s Life

It's Life

The spider will win today + Links

October 18, 2017

I came home on Monday evening to discover that a spider made a web from the corner of my house to the basketball goal and was just chilling. Monday was trash day and I wasn’t touching that spider so since I am trying to teach my son how to be a nice young man I sent him to deal with the spider this is how the conversation went…….…

It's Life

Becoming a widow

October 13, 2017

Widow…..its a word that I never thought I would ever have to call myself. I never dreamed that I would be a widow in my 30’s. I mean we had a full life ahead of us. We were married for 10 years and frankly we were just starting to get the hang of the married life. I know…..after 10 years we finally understood each other well enough. Took…

It's Life

Goodwipes in my bag, swag + Wed Links

October 4, 2017

Welcome back to Wed. where we have a conversation and my links of the week! Here is the conversation this week…… Zaza: Mom why do you carry around wipes and stuff? Me: Great question! I have to sometimes wipe my hands when I do things. After I pump gas I have to wipe my hands, after I use the bathroom I like to wipe my hands, sometimes when…


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