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7 things to know about non football fans

November 30, 2017

I received free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own!  I am not a huge football fan…ok scratch that I don’t know anything about football but a touchdown. Sad, I know but true…..I can’t ever get the lowdown from most guys because they are busy watching the game to answer my nonimportant questions. Or is that I am nagging….. While everyone gets ready for…

It's Food & Drinks

Brunch at First Watch

October 9, 2017

The kids and I don’t get to spend a lot of time together because I normally work on Saturdays doing photos. We spend Sundays in because it’s my non crank day so we don’t go anywhere. I had a free Saturday a few weeks ago and whenever I get a free Saturday I always go and check out someplace new to eat. A friend of mine told me…

It's Food & Drinks

Easy Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes

October 6, 2017

Donuts! That’s all I needed to say……one word that speaks to why I can’t loose weight. If you are like me and trying to loose weight save these for your cheat day. How do you make your donuts? I have the recipe for your very own glaze…message me on any of my social media sites to get that recipe or I might just put the glaze recipe on…

It's Food & Drinks

Chorizo Omelet

September 20, 2017

Who doesn’t love a good omelet? I usually make various different ones all the time. Sometimes I use sandwich meat in them, onions, mushrooms, etc. I also use whatever I have in my fridge and it always comes out good. What types of omelets do you like to make? Tell me below!   Ingredients: ½ Cup Fried Chorizo Sausage 2-4 Eggs 2 Tablespoons Milk 4 Tablespoons Pancake Batter…

It's Food & Drinks

Cheesy Sausage Dip

August 11, 2017

I love a good dip! Most of the time I buy the jar ones and I am beginning to not like them anymore so I think it’s time to make my own dip. Chips and Dip are my thing! Whats your favorite chips and dip? I can make this an actual meal for myself so this can be turned into a dinner item instead of a snack. Ingredients:…

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