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Car Seat mistakes to avoid

October 28, 2017

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I am so glad my baby days are over but the other day I had to babysit a baby who was just shy of 1 years old and the only thing that confused me was how to put that car seat in. It took me about 30 min a few minutes but I finally got it in. As a mother whose children are out of car seats I want to make sure I am up on the safety guidelines and I am able to keep up with what to do and what not to do especially since I never know when a baby will be riding with me. So what took me so long to put the car seat in…..

First I had to make sure the straps were tight. This is a big mistake that many new parents make. These kids can climb out. I know that I did when I was little. These kids are not dumb and they know how to slide in and out of what they need to get out of. Your carseat manual should tell you how to buckle your child in. If your kids are like mine and they don’t want to be in too tight….guess what….tuff tiddy. They will have to deal with being strapped in securely.

Next I had to make sure the baby didn’t have on bulky clothing. I know that it’s getting a bit cooler and babies can’t wear big jackets and be buckled into a seat. I made sure that I didn’t carry my babies out in the cold too much when they were younger but sometimes you gotta get out of the house. Make sure that you start your car early and make sure it warmed up and then carry a blanket for the baby.

Now here is the mistake that I made because the baby was 1 years old I thought that she could be facing me but nope….they have to be rear facing until the age of 2 or until they are the  correct weight/height. has a car seat check for each car that you drive. Since I drive a Honda I checked all the specs and turns out my car passed the test! You can check your car by going to

Here are some best practices for moms to be

  • Children should always be restrained in a moving vehicle. They can get out if that bet isn’t tight so be careful
  • Choose and use the best carseat for that childs age and size and trust me…get the expensive ones. Cheap things aren’t good and good things aren’t cheap. Your child’s life depends on it (they now have the ones that grow with you which they didn’t have when I had my kids…invest in that one)
  • Children should always sit in the rear sat until they are 13

Make sure you check your states law

Did you need help putting in a carseat?

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